Local Leadership

Freed to Lead

We take leadership seriously. It is our fourth core principle and it carries through from the workouts to how we run the region.

F3 Cape Fear is what it is because of men just like you who stepped up to fill a need, create something, or model the right way.

The following are PAX who have taken on the responsibility of an aspect of our region. You can get in touch with them through Slack.

If you see a gap or just want to help, please feel freed to lead and make us better.

  • Nant'an Kramer Brandon Adams
  • Weasel Shaker Steak Knives Eric Flynn
  • Fitness Q (1st F) Flight Nurse Jeff Marsh
  • Fellowship Q (2nd F) Snooki John Reynolds
  • Faith Q (3rd F) Fizz Jai Jones
  • Logo/Gear Q Snickers Heath Caddell
  • Comz/Social Media Q Snooki John Reynolds
  • Q-School Q Crockett Brian Schafer
  • FNG Q Frosty Pupil Keith Tavalozzi
  • Website Q SockPuppet Jason Sperberg
  • Newsletter/Marketing Q Wapner Aaron Lindquist
  • Treasurer Bogey Harrison Masters
  • F3 CF Foundation Q 10 Count Sean Dwyer
  • Challenge Q Southie Southie
  • Nant'an Emeritus 2014-2017 LETC Keith Miller
  • Nant'an Emeritus 2017-2018 Ugly Stik Chris Camp
  • Nant'an Emeritus 2019-2020 Tom Sawyer Bill Pitt
  • Nant'an Emeritus 2020-2021 Sparky Ivan Batts
  • Nant'an Emeritus 2021-2022 Beauty James Connolley
  • Nant'an Emeritus 2022-2023 Gump Jared Nelson