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Invigorating male community leadership across Cape Fear

The body is made to be used. Without work, it withers away. But with regular training, we can become durable physically, psychologically, and emotionally.


We seek strength in numbers, for accountability and encouragement. Life is not worthwhile without being in communion with others. We are not supposed to live alone.


We are part of something much bigger than ourselves. Our personal strength can be a strength for others. Our durability allows our family and community to thrive.

10 Years Strong F3 Nation returning to Cape Fear
10 Years Strong

Our region is hosting the F3 Nation 10-Year Anniversary October 8-10. Join your F3 brothers for all 3 F's and represent Cape Fear to the world! Talk to Gravity to volunteer. Want in on the convergence? Better register now!

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End It Ruck PAX are still after it
End It Ruck

Help us free those who are victims of modern-day slavery. Get your friends and family to pledge money toward the miles you ruck, run, walk, bike, or swim. We aim to raise $327,500 by October 2021 to save 50 people.

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Brewery Ruck 2021 Ruck, Fellowship, and Charity
Brewery Ruck 2021

HIMs of F3 Cape Fear completed a 13 mile ruck tour of some of Wilmington's best breweries, collected over 1700 lbs of food for Nourish NC, and spent a day with some of their favorite friends.

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Seven years old and still accelerating. Be an active part of F3 Cape Fear.

PAX, whether you've been a die-hard regular in the gloom, or have drifted away, know that we are still here for you, and excited for you to come back and join us. Stay connected through Slack or this website. We have a lot of exciting things happening in the Cape Fear region. Hope to see you soon.

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