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This will be a dual region Convergence event to support the BruCo region launch. This will be a full Convergence to support this shovel flag. There is no Baywatch, there is no Iron Island, no Combine and no Bowsprit. There is only BruCo this Saturday. Rent a bus, get a clown caravan going, arrive in a limo, but get over the river and through the woods to a beatdown that will happen only once in the life of two regions. Beatdown will be followed by a ceremony and breakfast.

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Q: Under Siege

The journey draws closer! June 18th Cape Fear F3 will have the first CSAUP event at Stingray. On that Saturday, we will leave Ogden Park at 5am and ruck 5 miles to Wrightsville Beach Park for Baywatch. We will have the Q that day and can brainstorm an epic beatdown along the way. Once we finish the workout, we will ruck back to Ogden Park. 11 mile total ruck trip on Fathers Day weekend. If you participate in the event and donate at least $25 to the F3 scholarship you will get an awesome patch for your hard work. The link below can be used for the donation. Subscribe to the Stingray to Sea 2022 channel in Slack for updates. I hope to see there on June 18th.

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Invigorating male community leadership across Cape Fear

The body is made to be used. Without work, it withers. But with regular training, we can become physically, psychologically, and emotionally durable.


We are not supposed to live alone. Life is not worthwhile without being in communion with others. We find strength in numbers for accountability and encouragement.


We are part of something much bigger than ourselves. Our personal strength can be a strength for others, and a force to help our family and community thrive.

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