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Steak Knives

9/11 Memorial Ruck 1 Mile Ruck To represent the circumference of the Pentagon. 220 flights of stairs to represent the 2 Twin Towers of the World Trade Center 4 Mile Ruck to represent the 4th plane that went down in Shanksville, PA Bring a ruck with as much weight as you want to carry or just show up and walk with us without weight. This event is open to everyone, M’s, 2.0’s, FIA, Sadclowns etc

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Plant | grow | serve
Invigorating male community leadership across Cape Fear

The body is made to be used. Without work, it withers. But with regular training, we can become physically, psychologically, and emotionally durable.


We are not supposed to live alone. Life is not worthwhile without being in communion with others. We find strength in numbers for accountability and encouragement.


We are part of something much bigger than ourselves. Our personal strength can be a strength for others, and a force to help our family and community thrive.

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