The Third F is the Biggest of Them All

FThe third F stands for Faith. Some people are put off by that because they are worried that we will be forcing Jesus on them. That's not our mission. We are not a religious organization, and we are open to ALL men, no matter their beliefs. While some men directly associate faith with God, we tend to understand faith more generally as a connection to something greater than ourselves.

We believe and understand that we are not the beginning and end. We are a tiny piece of humanity, our world, our universe. Our discipline with fitness and nutrition builds our bodies better. Our commitment and loyalty to our brothers in fellowship builds our psyche and emotional durability better. When a man is growing in this way, he begins to find purpose and meaning with his life, and looks to improve those around him in his community; especially those most in need. We call it "picking up the six".

This is the unlocking of leadership and potential that is possible in all men, and which the men of F3 Cape Fear are accelerating through every day.

While we have done amazing things in Cape Fear, we are excited for the endless positive impact yet to come.

Who's motivated!

Eden Village Sheltering the Homeless
Eden Village

F3 Cape Fear has contributed over $40,000 toward purchasing a tiny house at Eden Village for one disabled homeless veteran. Our PAX volunteers built large fences for the project, and we will be creating a new workout group near Eden Village to support the men of this new community.

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Wilmington Treatment Center Addiction Rehabilitation
Wilmington Treatment Center

F3 Cape Fear leads a weekly workout for men of this residential addiction rehabilitation program. We bring our fitness and fellowship to these men, bringing them support and a human connection in the community during their treatment and after they graduate; another anchor of support in their journey of a better life.

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End It Ruck 2021 Ending Modern Slavery
End It Ruck 2021

F3 men rucked thousands of miles to bring awareness to modern slavery, ending with our 26.2 mile End It Ruck at Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach. Along the way, we raised over $105,000 for the International Justice Mission, to rescue and rehabilitate modern day slaves.

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Ainsley's Angels Helping those with special needs
Ainsley's Angels

A few of our PAX regularly chaperone those with special needs in local races as part of Ainsley's Angels. This allows these people to fit in and experience something great, while giving meaning to those running nearby.

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Brewery Ruck 2021 Helping feed hungry local kids
Brewery Ruck 2021

Men of F3 Cape Fear completed a 13 mile ruck tour of some of Wilmington's best breweries, and collected over 1700 lbs of food for Nourish NC, to help feed hungry kids in New Hanover County.

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Habitat for Humanity Housing those in need
Habitat for Humanity

PAX volunteers from F3 Cape Fear regularly give their time and muscle to build homes with Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity; to help provide affordable housing for those in need in our community.

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Freed To Bleed Promote blood drives
Freed To Bleed

F3 Cape Fear has supported the American Red Cross by organizing and promoting blood drives in the community.

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F3 Cape Fear Foundation Monetary support for our community
F3 Cape Fear Foundation

The F3 Cape Fear Foundation is a local 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which exists to help the men of F3 Cape Fear execute on their mission of community support.

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