Policies for this website

  • July 8, 2021

F3 Cape Fear is a not-for-profit organization which is run by volunteers in their spare time. We have day jobs, families, and generally busy lives. Our intention with this website is to foster communication between our members, and to be a simple way for people not familiar with F3 to learn more about it. If a problem arises, it is likely accidental, please assume good intent.

Intellectual Property

There is some content on this site that was created by F3 Nation. This includes the F3 circle logo and some language on the about page. We are using their info and trademark in accordance with their mission. The remainder of the content on this website is created by members of F3 Cape Fear and is their property. This includes any of the F3 Cape Fear logos, AO site logos, photos/images, and written content. Before taking or using this content, you are required to get the creator's permission first.


We don't want to save sensitive information on our server. If we happen to store sensitive information on our server, it will be protected as well as we can. If you have a login to this site, your password will be stored in an encrypted state. All data transmission to and from this site will be encrypted with https. Login and password to the server files themselves will be restricted to no more than two people. Our server is managed by a professional company that holds high standards for secure practices of their employees and data storage.


We do not do email marketing. You have the option of opting out of any newsletter email you receive from us. There may be occasions where the site emails you a receipt or confirmation of an activity you did with our website (change login information, purchase something, etc.). This feedback we feel is responsible and appropriate and we would hope that you feel similar.


This website provides news about our group activities, sign-up and scheduling of our activities, archiving of prior events and workouts, and sales of tickets and items. Our intention is to provide that service without problem. If there is a problem, you should contact the website Q right away so that we can try to fix things for you and others.


We are a bunch of guys who exercise in the dark together and know each other by made-up names. We generally don't know each other's hospital name. We don't need to know it. Likewise, we don't want to know your information. We do not want to be bothered with collecting or protecting your private information. If we do happen to collect that information; perhaps for a login purpose, scheduling purpose, or sales purpose, we will use encrypted storage when it is feasible, and will delete the data when we no longer need it. All passwords will be stored in an encrypted manner. We may use a picture or video of you on the site. We do this because it is fun - and we like to look at you. We do remove metadata from photos when possible because we believe in anonymity on the internet. If you don't want yourself to be on a picture or video on our site, just let the website Q know, and he will make sure your images are not published here. If you want to know if we are storing your data, you can talk with the website Q to find out; and if you want it deleted, it can be.


F3 Cape Fear does not use its own cookies on this website. We do, however, use some third-party services like feeds from YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram. They may use their own cookies in their services. You can check your browser to see if they are using them. We have no control over their actions inside of iframes, and for now are willing to continue to use their pass thru service within iframes. We also use Google Analytics to track how visitors to our site travel around our site so that we can provide a better website experience for them in the future. Google Analytics uses cookies.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please talk with the website Q.