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Total count: 2

PAX: Flight Nurse

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Cadre Academy: Rinse and Repeat

Warmup: Good mornings, Windmills and Copperhead Squats

The Thang: Ruck Up and Mosey with Sandbag to CFCC Parking deck.

10 Alternating Sandbag Shoulder Presses Climb stairs to top deck with Sandbag 10 Bear Complexes Descend stairs with Sandbag to sidewalk 10 Alternating Sandbag Shoulder Presses Drop sandbag and run to the intersection of Red Cross St and N Front Street 10 decline Merkins Walk back to the sidewalk in front of stairs

Rinse and repeat until 0540

Mosey back to AO

COT: Prayers for all of our Pax and their little 2.0/ and ones on the way. Prayers for Butterknife for a quick recovery and for my M for seeing past the immediate moment. Prayers for safe travels for @flight Nurse today. Thanks for being my partner in the gloom this morning @flight nurse! #NoOYO

Total count: 8

PAX: Overbite, Gump, SOL, GTA, niles, Heisenberg, Pony Express

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

The Kessel Run was a hyperspace route[2] within the Akkadese Maelstrom used by smugglers and unscrupulous freighter captains to move spice from the spice mines of Kessel at the behest of the Pyke Syndicate, who relied on the foolhardy Kessel Runs to deliver the illicit substance to their customers.[6] Han Solo, piloting the Millennium Falcon, made the infamous run in slightly over 12 parsecs,[7] boasting about his ship's ability to endure shorter but more hazardous routes through hyperspace.[8] By doing so, Solo broke a long-held record.[2] The route Solo used to achieve this feat was an ancient Purrgil migration route.[1]

we did that and some ???? court sprints

Total count: 12

PAX: Steak Knives

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Had the opportunity to post with the boys from Burlington this morning. Matlock lead us through the 4 M’s, 7’s and 11’s. Finished up with a session of Mary.

Total count: 5

PAX: U02JQ9VAB4G, Oaken, 2_Scoops, Bellagio

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm-o-rama: SSH X 20 IC, Dark Trooper x 10 IC, OYO stretching

The Thang: 2 Scoops rucked while the rest of us did 4 build up miles on the cub loop. Strong work by all!

COT: Be on the lookout for information about Southern Tour Ultra teams!

Total count: 17

PAX: tinydancer, Dixie Chick, Pony Express, Heisenberg, Special K, 10 count, Geiger, Kix, Hushpuppy, Space Cowboy, NAPA, Brackish, fullerbrush, Goofy, Drip, blood donor

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

17 pax for a small tour of downtown for the return of Goofy at Ballast.

goofy tinydancer 10count kix dixiechick blooddonor spacecowboy fullerbrush napa brackish drip ponyexpress geiger specialk hushpuppy heisenberg

Warmorama was some side straddle hops, stretches, merkins and side straddle hops.

Moseyed to Cape Fear CC parking deck, where we did muscle ups, squats, and plank. Confusion ensued.

We moved on to the CFCC canyon and did side jumps, ran up and down the 5 story staircase, and did jump squats.

Moseyed back around and did wall sits and another rotation through wall muscle ups, then finished with bonnie blairs together.

Moseyed across the CFCC bridge and then down to the old wall for balls to the wall and burpees.

Then moseyed along the boardwalk to the public dock for rounds of plank, jump squats, and bonnie blairs while partners took turns on alarm clocks.

Moseyed behind the Ballast for a circle of raise the roofs and merkins.

Back to the flag. Support for Pony Express' family, Special K's family, and Geiger and family.

Important to meet others where they are communicating from - if they don't feel heard/understood, you aren't doing your part.

Total count: 10

PAX: hoveround, Tom Sawyer, SOL, Pixel Pusher, Roadie, Sparky, Gump

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Airstream    Coliseum

Mission of F3 is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. We have 5 core principles Open to all men ,  FREE , Workout outside , Peer led in a rotating fashion , End in COT. Warm up High knees But kickers Gravel pickers Copperhead squats. The Thang Runners led by SOL Ruckers led by YHC Cot Ended with prayers for Pixels father in law having surgery and Gump had a coworker lose a family member to covid

We had coffee, cake and doughnuts after the Cot. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead and be a part of this amazing group.

67 years old Goat !

Total count: 15

PAX: Buckeye, Carolina Squat, Dogwood, Smuckers, Scar Tissue, Bada Bing, Milton, Liberty, Bambi, Dumbledore, HairBand, Chuckles, Chernobyl, Kramer

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

DDC 1yr F3 Southie Anniversary

Warm-o-Rama SSH x 24 Mamba Night club x 10 Dark trooper x 10

The Thang: Set up Grinder: Sledgehammer on tire Shoulder shrugs Chest press 1 arm kettlebell swing Land mine press 60lb sandbag squats Upright rows Curls to get arms like @dumbledore Tricep extension Cindy man-makers Plyo -ball thrusters Sandbag clean Plyo-push-up on Cindy Lawnmower pulls Military press Around the world with kettlebell Cindy swings Deadlifts Jerry can Farmers walk as the Timer

22 Merkins for our Veterans

Circled up and each Pax shared 1 thing they love about F3. For a detailed list ask all the pax at your next

Highlighted how F3 accomplished the goal for #enditruck and to take a minute to reflect on how 10 people’s lives will be impacted because of our efforts.

COT: @Smuckers took us out with a modified Mamba Prayer.

Just want to thank all the PAX that I’ve been honored to post with this past year.

Thank you all -Southie-


Total count: 19

PAX: Overruled, Dr Phil, Doormat, Buffalo, Beretta, JazzyJeff, Meltdown, Ramses, Stiff, Foot Fetish

FNGs: None

Other PAX: @cyclone, @UCB, @Boilermaker, @Roommate,@fletch, @Flyboy, @Jimmy V, @Tricycle,

This morning started with warm-o-Rama including SSH, pebble pickers, sky scrapers, Lbc’s  and hip flexor stretches. 7 Ruckers and 12 runners+ 2 doggies took a scenic tour of downtown Southport this morning. We all got back to the AO with a little time left so we circled up and kept the burn going with merkins, planks, dirty dogs, leg raises and air squats. Ended in announcements, prayer requests, name-o-rama and COT. It was a good morning! ????????

Total count: 11

PAX: Brother Cameron, Hoosier Daddy, Crockett, Lightning, Whaler, Blackout, Le Pew, Teach, Vandelay, Poparazzi

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

warm-o-rama SSH IC x15 dark storm troopers IC x15 merkins IC x15 copperhead squats IC x15

Mosey to Pull up bars 5 pull-ups 20 push ups 30 Freddy mercuries 40 squats x3 rounds

Indian run to tennis court

Escalator 10 burpees 20 CDD 30 lunges 40 LBC

mosey back to AO for COT

COT: Praises for Crockett's M who received a good report on her recent biopsy. Prayers for Vandelay's uncle who is in the hospital in the Phillipines with pneumonia. Great fellowship this morning with all PAX. Thankful for the opportunity to lead. Amy out!

Total count: 25

PAX: BabyBack, Brackish, Spin Doctor, Sparky, Geiger, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Space Cowboy, 10 count, Frosty Pupil, Bellagio, EOM, Closer, Special K, fullerbrush, Kix, GTA, NAPA, Hushpuppy, 2_Scoops, Garth, It Wasnt Me, blood donor, Chop Shop

FNGs: Woodchuck

Other PAX: None

Warmup exercises: SSH IC x 30 Pebble pickers IC x 15 Abe Vigodas IC x 15 Stretch

Mosey to the skatepark.

Exercises at each corner for 6 rounds. Reps per round will be 10, 20, 30, 30, 20, 10. Exercises will be Merkins Squats Carolina Dry Docks American hammers

Pax will run the long stretch and bear crawl/crawl bear the short stretches.

EC for those that finish the main Thang: 25 big boy sit-ups Run to the top of the skate bowl 2 burpees at the top Run back down and repeat

Mosey back to AO when everyone was done

During the workout, a soundtrack was provided consisting of songs used during 80/90s movie montages.

COT: Prayers for Garth’s Friend, who recently lost his dad. Also, prayers for Chop Shop’s brother.

Total count: 3

PAX: Circuit breaker, Flight Nurse

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

This workout was inspired by Flight Nurse’s upcoming GROWRUCK Academy and his mission to become at GTE Cadre.  I know he can do this on his own, but here at F3 Cape Fear, we don’t believe in OYO.  For that reason, I played cadre for the day and developed a sandbag/ruck workout that challenged us to do the hard things in life.

Cadre Training Program



Go Slick: Good Mornings IC x 5 SSH IC x 30 Gravel Pickers IC x 10 Windmills IC x 10

Merkin Hellevator 5, 10, 15, 20

Ruck Up 10 SB Dead Lifts 10 SB Rows 10 Cleans 10 Bear Complexes

Form Sandbags into a log using carabiners.

Walk in formation carrying SB log.  Q will call for overhead carry and then shoulder switch.  

Every 5 minutes, unhook sandbags and do a 60 x 60.  (60 seconds to do as many 60 pound sandbag burpees as you can). Each round must be at least rep count from previous round or better.  3 Navy Seal Burpees for each rep under baseline.

Reconvene with Mambas for COT

Total count: 6

PAX: EPO, Heisenberg, R-X, Redline, Big Sky

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmorama: Seal claps ic x 10, Imperial walkers ic x 10, 1 minute stretch

The Thang: We headed out of Bellamy Elementary parking lot. Crossed over Sanders Rd and into Mott's Landing neighborhood. We ran out and back for about 4.7 miles. The weather and F2 was great. Strong work by all.

COT: Prayers for my Uncle Clarence and his family. He has pulmonary fibrosis and the treatment is not working.

It was an honor and a privilege to lead. Pony Express out

Total count: 19

PAX: Dumbledore, sweatervest, Buckeye, Steak Knives, Smuckers, Mr.Incredible, Flight Nurse, Southie, Kramer, Circuit breaker, Sugar Rush, Scar Tissue, Bait and Switch, Liberty, niles, Fatback, Drip

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Lil Red and KneeHigh2 not on slack

Mission 5 core principles Warmup - seal claps, Mamba nightclubs, copperhead squats, toy soldiers

EVOLUTION OF A PAX - lessons from one year in F3…

FEAR - Our first posts involve varying degrees of fear due to the uncertainty around what will be thrown at us next by the Q. New people, new places, we must get adjusted. Earbud once led a workout where we didn’t leave our spot in the lot of LLP the whole 45 minutes- it might have been the worst beatdown I’ve ever been a part of, and I was fearful of each next exercise.

In honor of this, I threw a bunch of randomness at the guys: 25 burpees, balls to the wall, 30 quad count mountain climbers, squats

GROWTH - We eventually find routine in our posts and begin breaking through barriers, getting much stronger, and accelerating towards new levels of confidence. I recounted my first ever 4 mile run at 43 feet where I was shocked and invigorated that I completed the run - I had avoided running like COVID since my last overhaul knee surgery. Felt much stronger now…crushing workouts, and now able to encourage others during workouts.

Did an Indian run around the block and to the tennis courts - similar to our run on my first post. Lots of support and strong encouragement.

IMPACT - Our eyes are then opened to how we can each have an impact on the other men joining the workouts. We learn how to be “mustard men” and leave a positive stain on someone’s life. I can’t preach it like Kneehigh2, but the point is to engage and make an impact on someone.

In honor of this life lesson, we did a DORA but never left our partner’s side.
-100 merkins -150 shoulder taps -200 double count flutter kicks Then run to other side of court for 20 squats

EMPOWERMENT - Leading now feels more natural because we are comfortable with the system, as well as empowered and supported by those around us.

Did a mini Q school (not as well as Kramer). 3 PAX who have never led a workout came to the center and each led an exercise.

COT -Too many announcements to mention here -Pray for all those struggling with thoughts of self-harm, and the people impacted (recently at Chapel Hill).

Total count: 10

PAX: Goat, SOL, Jiffy Pop (JP), Leroy Brown, Doubtfire, SEAHORSE, GEN-X, Banjo, Milton

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm-o-rama: SSH X 25 IC, Dark Trooper x 15, Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang: We partnered up for a Dora. our exercises were 100 kettlebell swings, 200 step ups, and 300 squats. While partner one was performing the exercise, partner too to predetermined location and did three burpees before running back to their partner.

weemosied back over to the AO for a circuit consisting of curls, tricep extensions, single arm chest press on each side, and kettlebell swings. we did the arm exercises for 30 seconds before we're heading to the next exercise then did 25 swings before rinsing and repeating.

COT: Milton discussed one of his army buddies who recently passed away and how he lived very intentionally. Making sure we are intentional with our lives is a big part of what F3 is about so let's be sure we don't just drift through life. There are several teams in the works for the southern tour Ultra in January. Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks.

Total count: 20

PAX: Bing, Bellagio, Sparkles, Big Sky, McFly, Stud Finder, Kix, Beauty, Woolley Bugger, Spotlight, Milton, f3heisenberg, Dream Crusher, Blue Steel, jvigueras

FNGs: Tinkles

Other PAX: Rainbow Bright, Night Light, Spider Man, Irish Man

5 principles of an F3 workout

Warm-O-Rama 20 Big Arm Circles 25 Side straddle hops 10 Abe Vigoda 20 Pebble Pickers


Thang 1 Dora 100 - Merkins 200 - American Hammers (Double Count) 300 - LBCs Pax runs the width of the soccer field and does 3 burpees then runs back Mary when finished

Thang 2 100 - Carolina Dry Docks 200 - Dips 300 - Flutter Kicks (single count) Pax run baseball diamond and 5 Bonnie Blairs at home plate and runs back Mary when finished

Thang 3 100 - Crunchy Frogs 200 - Squats 300 - X factor Pax runs baseball diamond and does 10 straddle hops at home plate and runs back Mary when finished

CoT Stud Finder - brother Jason just got out of prison & homeless McFly - Anslie Angels 24 hrs race

I couldn't find a few names on slack. If I missed you, tag yourself in the comments.

☃️ out!

Total count: 9

PAX: Foot Fetish, Overruled, Top Hat - Rob Potter, twinkle

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Black Lung, Silas, Meltdown & Van Gogh

Introduction COUNT OFF

WARMORAMA: (20) SSH (20) Pebble Pickers (20) Arm Circles Forward & Back (20) Imperial Walkers


Indian Run down the beach with last PAX completing (5) Merkins; (4) Cycles through PAX completed.

Mosey to the WALL: WallSits w/Seal Claps (10) reps per PAX BTTW for (10) count per PAX WallSits w/OverHead Press (5) per PAX BTTW w/Shoulder Taps (5) per PAX

Mosey back to the Beach

PAX pair up to complete a DORA: While (1) PAX runs 50 yards & does (3) Burpees, the other completes as many reps of the following exercises; Rinse & Repeat until the cumulative assigned numbers have been completed. 100- Air Squats 200- Merkins 300- Mountain Climbers 400- LBC’s

MARY: (10) reps of any Ab Exercise each PAX chooses!



Prayer Requests & Announcements


Total count: 1


FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

1 pax raised the flag this morning at Iron Island.

Rolled into an empty parking lot at Carolina Beach Elementary. Did some stretches while waiting for any last minute guys - silencio.

Held myself accountable and spent an hour running the CB with pit stops of merkins, big boys, and bench box jumps. Cheers to my companion this morning: the feral cat. Better than a gym ficus I guess.

Hope you enjoyed your sleepy time little ones.

I will be back

Total count: 16

PAX: FIZZ, FreeFlow, Special K, Dumbledore, NAPA, Buckeye, blood donor, last, SONG BIRD, captain_planet, Sugar Rush, SockPuppet

FNGs: Nightclub

Other PAX: KneeHigh2, CrabbyPatty

Mamba Q School

Mission Core Priciples


24 seal claps 12 toy soldiers 12 windmills 8 dark troopers 24 mamba squats 24 mamba nightclubs


Reverse Guardian Lap around Maides Park

11’s at Tennis Court Alarm clocks Bonnie Blairs

Mosey to Basketball Court Pax Free Throws 1 burpee for each miss, 8 SSH for each make

Mosey to picnic tables

Partner Dora 50 Box Jumps/Step Ups 75 Derkins 100 Kobes 1 lap timer mosey to soccer goal

1 cycle of Football Sled pops

Mosey back to AO

Pearlz on a Chain by Pax Flutter Kicks Toy Soldiers Mamba Nightclubs

COT(Circle of Trust) Counterama Nameorama Name any FNG’s- @Nightclub Prayer requests and announcements

Invigorate- Free Flow “Hold On”

Closing Prayer- Fizz

Total count: 6

PAX: HumpDay

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Beaker and more

We played on the best grass in CapeFear. Burpees. Big boy sit-ups, merkins, squats. Every ten yards add one more.

Mozy to the playground Dora Pull-ups x5. Incline Merlins three rounds Hanging leg lifts x 5 steps up three rounds Underhand x 5, flutter kicks three rounds

100 No surrenders back pull-ups

Mozy near AO 7 minute abs

Dewy morning, fun group.

Prayers for Christian, safe travels. F3.

Total count: 13

PAX: Big Sky, Pumpkin Pie Chart, blood donor, Pledge, Spin Doctor, 10 count, Uff-Da, Chop Shop, EOM, GTA, Frosty Pupil, Bellagio

FNGs: 6 Screws

Other PAX: None

Warm up:

  1. SSH
  2. Maniacs
  3. Pebble pickers

Team up: each person has to do the exercise and reps but you have to move as a team and help one another with reps.

  • Round 1 • Murder Bunnies 25 yards • Revers murder Bunny back • Alpos-50 • Run around football field Round 2 • Kracken Burpees-15 • BB burpees-15 • Thrusters-15 • Run around football field Round 3 • Bear crawl 25 yards • Crawl bear back • Merkins-50 • Run around football field Round 4 • Overhead press-50 • Curls-50 • Swings-25 • run around football field Round 5 • Horizontal jump block burpees-10 • Vertical jump block burpees-10 • Blockees -10 • Run around football field FINISH
  • Bonnie Blair’s- 50 double count.

-Tobytalk-Thursday at 6:30pm. Location TBA.

-Habitat for Humanity-Put this on your calendar! Habitat for Humanity 7:45am to 2:00pm the third Saturday of each month. Next on 10/16/21, we will be working on the floor system at 118 South 16th Street on 10/16.  Volunteers are welcome to park at St Andrews Covenant Presbyterian Church on Market Street and walk over to site.

-Coffeteria: Wednesday after Stingray right at the park.

-Prayers-Chop brother in rehab, Spartan/get out there, Geiger and his family,

-Prayer-give us the strength to carry the weight of this moment , give us the strength to get right so we can live right, so we can lead right so we can leave right

-FNG-6 Screws!

-20 in30 Bellagio!

-Backblasts: do them the new way. Type in /backblast and press send. Brings you right to page to complete the form. Then just post Namorama separate after on same Backblast channel.

-Sign up for a November Q

Total count: 6

PAX: Salty, McFly, Wahlburger

FNGs: None

Other PAX: SeaTow, Kielbasa

After missing our Nantan, we did some Warm-o-rama:

Side strattle hops x 20 Gravel Pickers x 15 Imperial Walkers x 15 Arm circles x 20 Backward A.C. x 10 Hallelujah x 10 Cherry Pickers x 10 Moroccan night clubs x 10

THANG: MOSEY TO PULL UP BARS 4 Rounds: 10 pullups , run to goose poop Island, bear crawl across bridge, 20 step ups at wall, run up the steps, 40 Bonnie Blairs, mosey back to pullups... rinse and repeat.

Lunge walk/ toy Soldiers to war memorial. 22 Merkins to remember the veterans who take their lives every day.

Mosey back to A.O. with jailbreaks between speed humps...

C.O.T. prayers for Beauty McFly doing the Iron Angel this weekend.

Total count: 7

PAX: Chardonnay, Bam Bam, OTC, Wapner, Sparky, Offering Plate

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmarama SSH x 15 IC Gravel Pickers x 11 IC Windmills x 7 IC Stretch OYO

The Thang

Warm up run for a little over one mile.

Partner up for Loop d Loos. Loop is from the service road through parking lot, across front of school and back up the road to the service road entrance. PAX run in opposite directions and when they meet stop to perform: 5 burpees on first lap. 5 hand release merkins on second lap. 5 squat jumps on final lap.

Head to front of school for 3 round of strides followed by 3 rounds of 10 second sprints.

COT: Hump Day! We missed you!! Hope the concert was good. After stirring up the rivalry, a Stingray comes to Q and you SC and fartsack...haha! Lots of fodder for 10-Count and the rest of us Stingrays!!! ????????

It was a pleasure and an honor to lead these men!

BabyBack OUT!!!

Total count: 5

PAX: Milton, Steak Knives, Flight Nurse, Jiffy Pop (JP)

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Don't get me wrong, this morning's workout was incredible. 5 motivated individuals came together and inspired the person next to them. The F3 mission statement is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. That's definitely what was on display this morning. I personally love leading smaller groups as it provides me an opportunity to talk to each Pax as we are gasping for air, developing that bond, and making each other stronger. On to the workout!


Moroccan Night Club x 20 IC Gravel Pickers x 10 IC Copperhead Squat x 10 IC

The Thang

Leg Grinders 10 Alternating Shoulder Squat Press for 2 rounds Lunge walk for 10 yards 5 Merkins and mosey back to the start point Rinse and repeat with 10 Clean and Squats for 2 rounds

Ascending 4 Corners Burpees x 10 Bear Hug Squat – 3 count IC x 15
Rows – IC x 20 American Hammers – IC x 25

Mosey to the volleyball court Beach Bod Sandbag Bear Crawl to one end and Reverse Sandbag Crawl back to the starting point Rinse and repeat with Pull Throughs Mosey back to the AO


Thanks to all Pax who made the 10 year an amazing weekend! Prayers to Busted Grill's M and Steak Knives on his future career endeavors! Milton - You're more than just a guy who loves poop emojis, way to persevere this morning! Steak Knives - I'll catch you one of these days, and thanks for leading QSource today! Jiffy Pop - Student Bodies could be one of the greatest "bad" movies of all time. You need to watch it.
Flight Nurse - Way to lead last weekend with the End-it-ruck, inspiration personified!!!

Love to lead - Chick!!!

Total count: 4

PAX: Dad Biscuit, Big Sky, flamer

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmorama: SSH x 20 Gravel Pickers x 14 Toy Soldiers x 20 Arm Things x a lot

THANG: 4 Corners Ladder : 5 Merkins, 10 LBC's, 15 Squats, 20 Mtn Climbers... Stack each exercise, and skip in between; then unstack and Bear Crawl between.

Mosey around Sidewalk.

Pullups: Each PAX does 5 pullups while everyone else holds Plank. Then each does 10 Dips while everyone does Bobby Hurleys... Rinse and Repeat.

Sand Volleyball: We played 2x2 sand Volleyball... every time a team scored the other team did 3 burpees, every time the ball was hit out of bounds, everyone did 5 Merkins!

COT: Prayers for McFly and the Iron Angel. Prayers for those struggling with addiction.

Total count: 19

PAX: Top Hat - Rob Potter, JazzyJeff, UCB, Tricycle, Meltdown, Doormat, twinkle, Dr Phil, Overruled, Buffalo, Foot Fetish, Stiff, Pixie, Beretta

FNGs: Jockstrap

Other PAX: None

Warm-o-Rama SSH Imperial Walkers Pebble Pickers Slow Mosey

The THANG: 2 Minutes of Hell. Each round is 2 minutes followed by a mosey of varying length.

Round 1: Curls with block Round 2: Squats with block Round 3: Plank (low) Round 4: Overhead Press with block Round 5: Alternating lunge with block Round 6: High knee slow mountain climbers Round 7: Squat thrusters with block Round 8: BBSU Round 9: Kettleblock swings Round 10: Burpees

Announcements - Buffalo and Beretta organizing a Ruck for Matthew’s Ministry of 30 lbs canned goods minimum in sack for half marathon in coming months or so. More to come!

Prayer request for our nation

Ball of Man


Total count: 7

PAX: Gump, Hahvard, Jiffy Pop (JP), Nutella, Brady, Bada Bing

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmarama 15 x Mamba night clubs 10 x Toy Soldiers 15 x Gravel Pickers

Count-o-Rama 7

The Thang 1 2 rounds of Rock Paper Scissors at the tennis court Winner - 10 Mamba Squats Loser - 10 Merkins Don’t face Brady, he will destroy you. The Thang 2 C-H-U-T-E-S 20 IC Carolina Dry Docks 30 IC Hillbilly Walkers (double count) 2 sets of 20 Underdogs Tie Fighters (around parking lot) 2 sets of 10 L/R E2Ks 20 smurf Jacks

Mosey to Picnic Benches Box Jump or Step Ups and Dips 20 Box Jump or Step Ups(10 each leg) lap 2 single count Dips 18 Box Jump or Step Ups(9 each leg) lap 4 single count Dips … 2 Box Jump or Step Ups(1 each leg) lap 20 single count Dips Name-o-rama

Announcements & Prayers Big Rock Bible study at Crepes and more 10y Anniversary momentum going 20 cases of shovel flag beer available at the Ballast Praise for Gumps daughter Who he’s finishing up the season with the cross country team trailblazers Prayers for fire we smelled and saw fire tru is dispatched for. YHC saw on route home it was an issue with the trailers at the mall where the movie crew is

Closing Prayer

Total count: 13

PAX: Special K, Kramer, Gasket, Drop Kick, BLACK LUNG, Sugar Rush, Flock Diesel, Caliseaum, Southie, Bait and Switch, Buckeye, Dumbledore

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Gasket, Drop Kick, Black Lung, and YHC got in 3+ EC miles and let it be known that Special K was not there ????.

Warmarama - IC 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Gravel Pickers, 15 Mt Climbers, & 10 Plank Jacks.

2 Ruckers (Caliseum and Southie) rucked off as 11 runners headed south out of the Park.

We played a round of live frogger on front street but managed to stay alive long enough to get to the Watsons Welding building. There we stopped and did 22 Merkins in honor of the fact that 22 American servicemen take their own lives every day. That building used to be Tracy’s Station an automotive service shop. Tracy was like a grandfather to me in some ways and he mentored me back in the late 90’s through a transmission replacement as well as a number of other truck engine repairs. I was never a motorhead and I was seeking to fill a void of technological incompetence and he took me under his wing. Only once did he actual do anything himself on my truck, it was after i lost a cylinder and replaced a lifter and he threw on his coveralls and tightened it down just right amount. Something you just had to have the right touch for. I told him how thankful I was and he put his hand on my shoulder and said “Son sometimes the lord smiles on us.” When I moved to Montana I asked him if he thought that truck would make it out there and he looked right at me and said “Son don’t be afraid to drive that truck. Drive the hell out of it.” I mailed him a post card once I got into Montana. A couple years later when I make bed back to Wilmington I visited him and he had the post card on the wall in his office. A couple of years after that he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and rather than die a slow death of chemo and what not, he decided to take his own life, right there in the office of his shop. He is missed.

We then ran around by the Greenfield Grind and around the lake up to Ice Cube Studios then up 8th to Castle and back to the flag.

Prayers for Special Ks Mom as she recovers. Praises to Kramer for continue Mamba Mentality and helping to facilitate the Black Man Run pop up AO coming Sunday October 24th. Praises to all the men of F3 to pick up the six in our lives and relationships. Praises to Flock Diesel for crushing it this morning! Seize the day gents!

Total count: 4

PAX: Drip, puddle pirate, SockPuppet

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmsyupsy: lazy pagoda, gravel pickers, lbacs, imperial walkers, seal claps

Run Around and Do Stuff, the Wenkeless Event.

Yep. Doing parking garage tours this morn!

Parking garage 1 at the apts across from cotton exchange: 10 merkins, 10 air squats, then sprint up the ramp and mosey to next rinse and repeat up the deck. Mosey on down to an atrium staircase area and do 7’s with burpees and lbcs. Ran into @southie and @tomsawyer ruckin their Ruckie rucks! Looked like good times. When complete, mosey to CFCC parking garage 1 and encounter swamp/sewer gas in prodigious amounts and crazy traffic for the morning. No funsy fun, so ran over to the Hilton parking deck…….much gooder! So in the spirit of running around and doing stuff… ladder workout…..10 merkins and 0-10-20-30-40-50 air squats at the bottom and top of each ramp. When complete, a little pliofunfun, then mosey to the waterfront and take in the view (and more swamp gas) to 50 ssh. Mosey back to AO.

COT/Prayers: thanks for being out this morning, your dedication gets my fat ass out of bed to support!

Lord we are just thankful for all You have provided us. We want to keep you center focus throughout this day. We ask that our efforts give glory to You. Amen.

Milton out!

Total count: 14

PAX: Hush Money, ballbearing, OTC, EOM, Goat, Wapner

FNGs: None

Other PAX: 2 Scoops, It Wasn’t Me, Bellagio, Under Siege, Fresh Prince, Dream Crusher, Roadie

Warmarama: SSH IC x21, 10 slow merkins OYO, prayer hands(?) x15, 10 slow merkins OYO

Thang: partner up each grab a kettle, 101 American Hammers, 201 LBC, 301 V-ups all with coupon; Partner lunge walk bleachers with coupon

Thang 2: stay with your partner, alternate shouldering the atlas stone. Timer is one team rolls the tire to the end of the fence line and back (1 PAX on each tire). Rotate team. Switch exercise halfway through to shoulder press with stone x5 alternate with partner. Then one round of squat x5 with stone. Time was called.

COT: Toby talk tonight, prayers for a healthy baby for fellow PAX having a baby (my apology for not remembering his name). It was awesome to get to spend another morning in the Gloom with you fine gentlemen, thank you for allowing me to practice my leadership skills. So great to see my brother from another mother Ballbearing, strong work my friend! We need to do this more than once a year! Thank you EOM for the kind words. YHC is going back behind the counter.

Total count: 7

PAX: fullerbrush, Trump, Mr.Incredible, Old McDonald, Reject, Kix

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Oooo, what a morning to be a Bro!?! Poseidon's Playground had a Brotastic aroma this morning.... some may of thought it was dog doo doo, but they were mistaken.

We warmed up with an array of the following movements:

Seal Clap x 20 5 Burpees OYO Moroccan Nightclub x 20 Mountain Climbers x 10 Merkins x 10 Plank Jacks x 10 The Trident (stretch going from left, to middle, to right leg) x 10 5 Burpees OYO

After all muscles, joints, etc., were loose, we meandered to Stone Street and onto the beach. Here, partnerships were formed for some 'Catch Me if You Can'.

PAX 1 would begin running backwards down the beach toward Johnnie Mercer's, PAX 2 would complete 10 Low and Deep Squats, then sprint to catch their partner.

This was a great appetizer to what Brackish had in store. I heard a lot of mumblechatter since the end of the 10-Year about how epic B-Rack's MC skills were, and how awesome the games were for Brolympics. He decided to give us a little sampling, and I have to say, I was disappointed... I expected better

Only kidding, it sucked! We split into teams of 3 and 4, for some relay races.

Relay 1 - PAX held a very high plank, while the last PAX army crawled under, to the front of the line. This continued until we reached the sign. Then, 5 BroDerkins had to be completed for the victory.

Relay 2 - same as the first, but hold low plank in a line, and the last PAX would sideways bear crawl to the front. Again, 5 BroDerkins had to be completed for victory.

If you don't know what a BroDerkin is, you can't afford it.

There was a lot of strange noises, complaining, and a whole lot of togetherness to be had. After completing, we made our way back onto the blacktop.

For brief recovery, PAX completed 10 Gravel Pickers.

To get us back to the AO, we lined up for a flight to be forgotten. An Indian run, but everyone needed to keep arms elevated like an airplane. If any PAX was caught lowering the arms, 5 penalty burpees would be completed by all.

We did switch to surfing man and rollercoaster arms, but we made it back.

The Finale is where the aroma became piercing. We finished with a quick Dora of 100 Bulgarian Lunges, 200 Gas Pumps, 300 Monkey Humpers. Partner 1 did exercise in gazebo at docks. Partner 2 went on dock and did a full send into the beautiful, pristine, clean waters.

We ended in a COT, and thank you to those who opened up and shared. Brackish took us out in Prayer.

Brackish and YHC put a lot of planning and effort into this one, and it paid off.

Stay classy, Kix