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Total count: 2

PAX: hoveround

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Countarana Warmarama 7s at tennis courts - Glute Brisges / Carolina Dry docks

MYSTERY THANG! Consisting of 20 x Squats 20 x Smurf Jacks 20 x Twinkle Toes 20 x Carolina Dry Docks 20 x Merkins 20 x Jump Squat 20 x Bonnie Blairs 20 x Monkey Humpers 20 x Dark Troopers 20 x Apolo Ohno (double count)

A mystery?you have to find out at pMAMBA CYBER MONDAY!!!

Total count: 4

PAX: Frosty Pupil, EOM, blood donor

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

We took turns leading the Q and warm ups. Ended up doing four corners 10/20/30/30/20/10 for big boys, heals to heaven, hello dolly’s and American hammers. Then to pavilion for couple versions of Merkins and underdogs. Then some side lunges and table hold squats then some leg circles and Kracken burpees.

-Tobytalk-Thursday at 6:30pm. None this week due to Thanksgiving!

-Habitat for Humanity 7:45am to 2:00pm the third Saturday of each month. Next on 12/18/21. Location TBA.

-Coffeteria: Wednesday after Stingray right at the park.

-World Famous F3 Cape Fear Christmas Party/End of year Shindig/Potluck to wrap up the Epicness of 2021 is upon us. This has historically been the one time of year we all gather together outside of the Gloom to Celebrate ???????????????????????? When: December 18, 2021 / 5-9PM Where: 8740 Bald Eagle Lane Wilmington, NC 28411 (@Dino’s house on the water) Who: Open to all Men, their Ms, and 2.0s

-Prayer: Give us the strength to carry the weight of this moment.

Give us the strength to do right, so we can live right, so we can lead right, so we can leave right!

-Prayer request:

-Backblasts: do them the new way. Type in /backblast and press send. Brings you right to page to complete the form. Then just post Namorama separate after on same Backblast channel. Take picture too of group snd post it ASAP!

-Sign up for a December Q heck we already got November filled at Stingray!

Total count: 10

PAX: Steak Knives, Gravity, Goat, U02PB2SBWV6, letc, Flight Nurse, McFly

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Funfetti, King Julian

9 PAX combined for a OG Fuel Depot Beatdown. Flight Nurse showed up for the F2. Not sure if he worked out.

WOR- Windmills IC Arm Circle Forward/Backwards/Raise the Roof. IC Copper Head Squats IC

some PAX wore Rucks some did not.

The THANG: Mosey to Picnic Shelter 1 20 Stepups Mosey to Picnic Shelter 2 20 Stepups 20 Merkins Mosey to Picnic Shelter 3 20 Stepups 20 Merkins 20 Dips Mosey to Picnic Shelter 4 20 Stepups 20 Merkins 20 Dips 20 Squats Mosey to Picnic Shelter 5 20 Stepups 20 Merkins 20 Dips 20 Squats 20 Gas Pumps Mosey to Picnic Shelter 6 20 Stepups 20 Merkins 20 Dips 20 Squats 20 Gas Pumps 10 Burbees w/o Ruck or 10 Thrusters w Ruck

now time to return all we purchased. Reverse and drop off an exercise while doing 10 reps each.

COT Prayers for the Jernigan family. Prayers for those PAX that did not have the best Thanksgiving. Praise for those that had a great Thanksgiving. F2 Coffee after before Jesus and Jimbos.

Thanks for coming out. Funfetti is on her way to capture the 7in7 this Monday.

Total count: 10

PAX: crosswalk, Pony Express, Dizzy G, Mile High, Cane Pole, guppy

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Aquaman, Batman, Bacon

Mission statement and 5 core principles.

Warmerama: Sealclaps x15, copperhead squats x15, moracin nightclub x15, gravel pickers x15, toy soldiers x15.

This workout was in memory of my daughter Meghan, who would be 15 years old.

The thang: The modified Meg!
26 derkins 26 sumo squats 26 heels to heaven then run lap around tennis courts Did this 4 times

At 5:55 we stopped and everyone got a dum dum.

We played fix you by cold play. Also, this was the exact time the rain started!!!! Thanks Meghan

This was the time Meghan passed away. Dum dums was the one thing that brought a smile to her face while in the hospital.

Next we did the five fifty five workout.

Basically it was egg toss, but with a frisbee and merkins!

Finished with grabbing coupons and doing 55 seconds of curls, tricep extensions, deltoid lifts, and thrusters x2.

Ended with COT.

Prayers for Crosswalk mom Debbie for her surgery on monday.

Crockett asks to hug you kids extra hard today.

Great to see everyone and my pleasure to lead.

Thanks to Mile high for letting me steal the Q.

Strong work to Pony Express for getting guys out to Arrowhead!

Total count: 6

PAX: Flight Nurse, letc, Sub Zero, McFly

FNGs: Didgeridoo (Julian, 38)

Other PAX: None

Spread some Thanksgiving cheer to our brothers at the Wilmington Treatment Center for some F1 and F2. Verbal commitments from Roman and Luke who were like looking to ball out next week and hopefully a repeat post from Didgeridoo who will earn his Spartan. Prayers for Didgeridoo and the other men at WTC as they fight! Prayers and praises for our studly brother @sub zero finding us and making impact just right where he is. Travel mercies for LETC and fam as they head to The Big Easy for wedding and elbow rubbing with Thanos! Honored to be back out in the gloom with my brothers…I missed you!! ❤️ TS out

Total count: 3

PAX: Lightning, Hoosier Daddy

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

-5 pull-ups -10 merkins -50 yard dash (rinse and repeat until 0615)

Total count: 5

PAX: Cabana Boy, GEN-X, It Wasnt Me, Walk in the Park

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm-O-Rama 30 SSH 15 Pebble Pickers 20 Mountain Climbers 20 Big Arm Circles

Thang 1 Mosey to skate park doing 3 burpees at every speed bump. Three rounds of 4 corners at skate park starting at 10 reps for round 1 and going up by 10 for the next two rounds.

Merkins Big Boy Sit-ups Squat Jumps American Hammers (Double Count)

Thang 2 Mosey to pavilion. 30 step-ups on picnic table 20 incline Merkiins 10 Decline Merkins In between each exercise PAX ran to the swings and did 10 under dogs.

Thang 3 Mosey to pull up bars. PAX did a total of: 25 Carolina Dry Docks 10 Chin ups or Pull ups 50 LBCs

Thang 4 Mosey Back to AO Pearl on a String for the last 5 minutes


Circle of Thanks - PAX talked about what they are thankful for.

COT Walk In The Park - Difficult conversation he has to have with an employee tomorrow.

Even in the trials, struggles, pain, suffering, and pandemics we still have much to be thankful for. Even if we have nothing we still have Christ. We give thanks to Him for His saving grace that he poured out for for us so mercifully on the cross. We thank Him because of what He has done for us. We praise Him because He is the only one who is worthy of our praise. We love him because He loved us first. This time of year I am always reminded of what the Apostle Paul said to the Thessalonians:

1 Thessalonians 5:16‭-‬18 "Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Frosty ⛄

Total count: 14

PAX: 2_Scoops, blood donor, Chop Shop, Hips Don’t Lie, EOM, Under Siege, Frosty Pupil, Cabana Boy, Beauty, disco tea, KamikazE, Goat, Yak

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm O Rama:

  1. Maniacs
  2. Side straddle hop
  3. Pebble pickers

Thang 1 Turkey Leg Dora -get a partner and a kettle -100 lunge ups -150 goblet squats -200 swings -250 deadlifts -Partner up stairs and back

Thang 2 Calfousel -Do calf’s in circle with one person on outside carrying as much as they can around the circle -take turns until all go around

-Tobytalk-Thursday at 6:30pm. None this week due to Thanksgiving!

-Habitat for Humanity 7:45am to 2:00pm the third Saturday of each month. Next on 12/18/21. Location TBA.

-Coffeteria: Wednesday after Stingray right at the park.

-World Famous F3 Cape Fear Christmas Party/End of year Shindig/Potluck to wrap up the Epicness of 2021 is upon us. This has historically been the one time of year we all gather together outside of the Gloom to Celebrate ???????????????????????? When: December 18, 2021 / 5-9PM Where: 8740 Bald Eagle Lane Wilmington, NC 28411 (@Dino’s house on the water) Who: Open to all Men, their Ms, and 2.0s

-Prayer: Give us the strength to carry the weight of this moment.

Give us the strength to do right, so we can live right, so we can lead right, so we can leave right!

-Prayer request: Yaks family after loss of his brother, Brad and treatment, Under Sieges loss in family and niece,

-Backblasts: do them the new way. Type in /backblast and press send. Brings you right to page to complete the form. Then just post Namorama separate after on same Backblast channel. Take picture too of group snd post it ASAP!

-Sign up for a December Q heck we already got November filled at Stingray!

Total count: 5

PAX: Overbite, Wapner, Spandex, Special K

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Wapner and YHC got in 3.75 for EC then warmed up with the other PAX for 20IC SSH, 10IC Imperial Walkers, 10IC Gravel Pickers. Then to the Outer Rim which was down Park Ave cross city trail (CCT) to Kerr Ave North to Randall back CCT around the nature preserve to Flying Machine and up through Devin Park, where Overbite and Spandex both dressed in all black and no lights came back for the reflective 6. We then circled Empie for 4.6 miles total. Prayers for Special K and fam as he makes the drive to PA later today, also prayers for his extended fam as they deal with the struggles of life. Prayers for a buddy of mine who is going through a D with 4 kids, he’s not in F3 yet but I’m working on that. Prayers for Wapner’s extended fam with Covid concerns but blessings that fam Wapner doesn’t have to be one more car on the road today. Prayers to all those traveling to be safe and may the roads be free and clear. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!

Total count: 11

PAX: Milton, Big Sky, tinydancer, Amy Grant, Pony Express, Bambi, Dixie Chick, Lightning, McFly

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Funfetti

It was a balmy 27 degrees at the start of this morning’s workout. 11 brave souls broke free from the fartsack to partake in the Thanksgiving Eve festivities made even more amazing with Jokes by Funfetti!

Warmup: Mosey Good Mornings SSH Windmills Goodballs

High Burpknees

Guardian football run to YMCA.

Pyramid Circuit: 60 seconds on / 30 seconds rest between rounds

Round 1: Hand Release Merkins

Round 2: Hand release Merkins, sumo squats

Round 3: hand release Merkins, sumo squats, Mountain Climbers

Round 4: Hand release Merkins, sumo squats, mountain climbers, Bonnie Blair’s

Round 5: Hand release Merkins, sumo squats, mountain climbers, Bonnie Blair’s, V-Ups

Guardian football run back to the AO

22 Merkins to remember our veterans/active duty soldiers who take their own lives each day. Also to remind us of our fellow pax that lost their mental battle with their demons and ended their journeys prematurely. Reach out to you people to remind them they they are loved, needed and important to everyone around them.

COT: prayers to everyone for a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving together with family and friends. Remember where we were a year ago during the height of the pandemic when we dreamed of getting together with our loved ones. This is your time to cherish and enjoy these times together.

Funfetti’s jokes were on target this morning! Snowballs!!!

Milton’s version of a Hand Release Merkins AMRAP was one slow, 60 second HRM.

Bambi, how much camouflage can one man wear?

Thanks for a great workout this morning Battleground! - Steak Knives out!

Total count: 9

PAX: Banjo, Crockett, Flight Nurse, Gravity, Mr.Incredible, SEAHORSE, Big Tex


Other PAX: None

Root Down

Warmorama Motivators Tap Plank Jacks Mamba Squats Monkey Humpers

Burpee Tracks down the lot Alarm clock tracks back

Big Boy Bangs - 10 BB then run 10 count away and back - 20/30

Thanksgiving (picnic shelter)- PAX called on led their favorite table exercise

Mosey->Sprints access the AO lot until 0615

Circle of Thanks PAX took turns sharing what they were Thankful for…some pretty powerful discussion this am. So much to be Thankful for!

Circle of Trust -Convergence tomorrow -Crockett shared the loss of his first child and her birthday this Friday. Continued thoughts and prayers with Geiger and CB. -Flight Nurse shared the necessity to look out for one another. Mental health and suicide is very real.

There are only 2 ways to live your life. 1 is though nothing is a miracle. The other is though everything is a miracle. - Albert E

FNG Big Wheelz closed us out in prayer!

NAPA out

Total count: 9

PAX: Cousin Vinny, happy, Trump, Ugly Stik, Chinese Downhill, The Flying Wasp, Dino, letc

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Captains Log Wednesday Nov 24 Thanksgiving Eve

A historic day. A day when all PAX disregarded any leadership and did everything they could to get to a warm breakfast. Well karma had other ideas since every breakfast place we went to afterward was closed. The plan (which was well conceived a long time ago) was to do a high impact workout for high impact men, hitting the arms, legs, and core at a fast pace. Well, Ugly Stick showed up late and didn’t do any exercises. Chinese Downhill pulled a Tom Sawyer and pretended to be old so he could modify anything hard. Dino did half reps the whole morning and then made up a pretend mystery leg disease during COT. LETC, a former nantan and supposed role model, brought his humor down to the disrespect’s level (happy and CV). Now even with all of his complaining, I did see a few pull-ups out of CV, and a thank you from LETCs M who has been noticing his shrunken chesticles, but i now know that was a diversion to lower my guard. Trump did a pretty good job of getting reps in when I looked over, but I know what was really happening. The only person who seemed to have my back was the flying wasp, but as soon as the mutiny started, he made the rational decision to join the crowd. I knew I was in trouble when I was sucking wind to keep the cadence. “1… 2…3 (no response from PAX) 1…2…3… (really sucking wind now)…. (No response from PAX).” At this point I wondered why I was counting and just decided to finish my reps. Now the PAX had a mind of their own and I was following them back to the AO. As of today, I begin plotting my revenge. How will I gather this same group of people again in the future without them knowing that A) I will be secretly Qing and B) that it will be the suckiest workout of their life. To be continued….

Total count: 4

PAX: JazzyJeff, Meltdown, Top Hat - Rob Potter

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm-o-Rama included Micheal phelps, arm circles, pebble pickers, imperial walkers, and SSH

Main Event 9 stations we worked in a rotation fashion. Bent over Rows 50# Kettle bell swings 25# Tricep kick backs w/ 10# coupon Bicep curls 25# Block squats Blockee w/ OH press American hammers w/ 10# coupon Merkins- incline, decline and standard SLED PULL w/ 4-5 blocks

The pax on the sled pull was the timer. Pax pulled the sled 40 yards backwards , turned around then pulled it forwards back to starting location. Upon return, puller calls out “mosey” and all pax leave their station to mosey 30 yards and back to they’re next station. Wash and repeat for 40 mins. I never knew you could sweat so hard when it’s 29 degrees out lol. Pretty intense. Strong work men!

Announcements, prayer requests, COT, name-o-rama

Total count: 14

PAX: blood donor, Big Sky, SEAHORSE

FNGs: Scribbles, Iced Tea, A ++

Other PAX: Butcher Block, cuddles, Bam-Bam, Ocra, Blueberry, Hambone, funfetti

We rucked and gave THANKS

T-Thrusters x 10 H-Hillbillies x 10 A-American Hammers x 10 N-No Surrender Squats x 10 K-Kraken Burpees x 5 S-Seal Jacks x 10

Total count: 4

PAX: letc, puddle pirate, cannoli

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Four pax evaded the winter wind by taking the dirt road. Got in some good conversation and about 4 miles.

Total count: 13

PAX: Hush Money, Pixel Pusher, Banjo, Goat, Caliseaum, Heisenberg, mr.kotter, SOL, Pony Express, Roadie, Brackish, tinydancer

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

After the Warm-o-rama we did an Indian Run to the track on the BG Loop. We split into 2 groups and did 5 x 400 on the track with an 800m mosey to split them up. We ran approximately 1mi back across campus to the AO.

COT: Hushmoney - Friends aunt Karen has lymph node cancer

Brackish - 21 day December Challenge

Total count: 5

PAX: milton, Dixie Chick, sweatervest, ATARI

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

5 pax kept their heart rates up and trashed their legs at Ballast this morning.

Chilly morning - warmorama was side straddle hops, stretching, copperhead squats, and toy soldiers.

Moseyed to the CFCC canyon ampitheater for some squat lunges off the wall together. Then plank jacks and big boys in cadence.

Ran up the stairs to the top of the Hawthorne parking deck and did some peoples chair with arm raises in cadence. When we collected everyone we moseyed down the parking ramp, stopping for pit stops of plank jack/groiners, bonnie blairs, and reverse burpees - all in cadence.

When we got to the bottom, we ran up the stairs to the top again to rinse and repeat.

Back at the bottom, we had a head fake up the stairs but went back to the ampitheater to do some more squat lunges off the wall. And of course plank jack groiners and big boys.

Moseyed back to the flag for some plank and thoughts on togetherness at this time of year. Great thoughts and feelings on patience and grace with our families at Thanksgiving.

Great coffeteria at The Roastery afterward.

Total count: 8

PAX: Frosty Pupil, Space Cowboy, 10 count, Sparky, Under Siege, GTA, blood donor

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm up of SSH, mountain climbers, pebble pickers and OYO stretch. Ruckers rucked. Partner up, run 2 miles, then run to end of park as a group. Mosey and run, using the speed bumps as the marker for switching from running to light mosey. Finish up with a quick stretch and COT.

Prayers: Families and community in Wisconsin. Frosty’s friends at church that are going thru tough time with loss. Traveling folks this week.

Total count: 3

PAX: Busted Grill, Snooki

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

My first soft Q. Random exercises around the River Lights “pond”. Y’all come next Tuesday for official launch

Total count: 10

PAX: Hips Don’t Lie, Blue Steel, Goober, Ugly Stik, Trump, Beauty, Spandex, Reject

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Thin Slice from Metro (Charlotte)

Warm-o-Rama SSH x 23 Gravel Pickers x 15

I give PAX kudos for fighting the fartsack this A.M. and getting out, BUT they were still late. We ran a lap around the parking lot waiting for the late arrivals to get acquainted with the chill. They did show up, Happy did not...

PAX then moseyed off the island, and out to the Wild Wing Cafe in the Landfall Shopping Center (may have only made it to First Bank, but close enough). Someone once told YHC that Wild Wing Cafe is the best spot to get a deep-fried Thanksgiving bird. I have never given it a try, but maybe someday.

Anyhow, we did 20 Merkins in the parking lot for the 20lb turkey that will be served on Thanksgiving Day, and then we made our way back to the AO. Somewhere between 4.25 and 4.8 miles traveled this brisk morning.

Great to meet Hips Don't Lie, and congrats on 12 years of marriage! Glad Thin Slice came to visit us while in town.

Prayers for the blessings we have, even just living where we do. May we continue to work on those areas in our life where we are not at our best, we will get there.

A great morning with some great people.

  • Kix

Total count: 4

PAX: Cabana Boy, Chardonnay, Spin Doctor

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Wamerama: Side straddle hop x20, repeating for SpinDoctor; Imperial walkers, copperhead squats, gravel pickers Little mosey to opposite school parking lot to the snack tables 10 step ups each leg, 20 calf raises, 20 squats, 20 merkins Little mosey 10 Derkins, 20 dips, 10 incklins, 20 Bonnie Blair’s Little mosey 11’s: Carolina dry dock and plank jacks Little mosey Mary for 5 minutes COT: prayers for SpinDoctor’s family, Cabana Boy’s people, my mother-in-law Terrie, and prayers for all to have a safe holiday and an end to the pandemic OTC going back behind the counter, Deuces

Total count: 6

PAX: Lightning, Hoosier Daddy, crosswalk, guppy, Crockett

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmup Mosey Good Mornings SSH Gravel Pickers

Merkin Hellevator

Guardian Run to the football fields

Turkey Bowl Prep:

Start at the sideline of the football field.  When Q calls fast feet, everyone in fast feet until Q calls up or down.  Up = Tuck Jump, Down = hit the deck.  After a few rounds, Q will call “Go” indicating a sprint to the other side of the field.  Do this for 5 rounds

Duckin Crawl Bears: Duck walk 10 yards, do 5 merkins, crawl bear back to start.  Increase yardage by 10 yards and Merkins by 5 reps each round until 5 rounds are complete.  Finish on 50 yard duck walk, 25 Merkins, and 50 yard crawl bear.  

Guardian run to the AO

Pass/Coverage Game

3 pax line up, 1 offense, 1 defense, 1 QB.  QB tries to complete a pass to the receiver.  If successful, all pax do 5 jungle boy squats, if incomplete or intercepted, everyone does 5 burpees.  Repeat until 0610.  

Pax Choice Mary

COT: Prayers for @crosswalk’s sister and family as they will hopefully adopt Carter this week. Prayers to crosswalk’s mom for good news next week.

Whatever you do this weeks, do it with the confidence of a 4 year old in a Batman cape.

Thanks for a fun workout this morning Average Joe’s!  - SK out

Total count: 18

PAX: Ramses, Jock Strap, Foot Fetish, Buffalo, Piglet, Overruled, BLACK LUNG, Stevia, Clueless, Luigi (Joel Wilcox), Meltdown, JazzyJeff

FNGs: Home Depot

Other PAX: UCB,Quincy, Red coat, boilermaker,

Intro followed by warm-o-Rama Pebble pickers x10 Imperial walkers x15 Arm circles x15 SSH x20

Grabbed coupon and moseyed to the battlefield

Main Event- CRAZY 88s- (week 2 Ironpax Challenge) returned!

R1) Burpees- 8 reps x11 sets + run end to end between sets R2) Squirrels 8 reps x 11 sets + run with coupon R3) OH press w/ block 88 reps x 2 sets + rifle carry block R4) X- Factor crunches 88 reps x 2 sets + bear crawl/ crawl bear

Name-o-rama, Announcements, prayer requests, COT  ????????

Total count: 13

PAX: Pledge, Bing, Closer, 10 count, blood donor, EOM, Chop Shop, BabyBack, It Wasnt Me, Under Siege

FNGs: Gobbler

Other PAX: Boones Farm

Warm-O-Rama 30 SSH 20 big arm circles 15 pebble pickers 15 abe vigodas


Enter the Dragon Mosey to parking lot next to the tennis court for a Bruce Lee style 4 corner workout.

Thang 1 2x 10 very slow merkins 25 dead frogs (motified Heels to Heaven) 25 Tiger merkins 25 double count leg lifts Run the long and squats for the the short

Thang 2

Mosey to the pavilion for quick Dora. 50 merkins 75 decline merkins 100 incline merkins partner runs and does 2 pull/chin ups and runs back

Thang 3 Mosey to AO 14 American Hammers 10 Big boy sit-ups

Welcome Gobbler to F3

COT EOM brother in law battle stage 4 cancer. Also, EOM M's mother is battling depression.

Total count: 11

PAX: Circuit breaker, Burlap, Snickers, Cowbell, Gasket, The Brady, puddle pirate, pathfinder

FNGs: 1 (canary)

Other PAX: Focker

Warm up

The Thang: Solo work 100 bent over Row (100 ea side) 200 KB swing 300 single arm chest press ( 150ea side)

Every 25 reps do 5 pull ups or 10 underdogs

COT Welcome FNG Canary (respect respect 75) Prayers for all traveling PAX this holiday (snickers leaving today, YHC tomorrow)

Total count: 16

PAX: Brackish, Banjo, Spandex, Pixel Pusher, SEAHORSE, Dixie Chick, Jiffy Pop (JP), Milton, tinydancer, GEN-X, SockPuppet, morpheus, Big Sky, letc

FNGs: Pork Rind

Other PAX: None

The mission of F3. Our 5 principals. Warm up with a mosey around the parking lot with high knees , butt kickers. 10 three count SSH. Pebble pickers. Moseyed back to the AO. Each pax took a spot with a weight. 16 weighted stations a box for step ups and weighted buckets for shrugs. Round 1 10 swings move next station 10 curls continue until you are back at your starting spot. Round 2 Same format but two exercises were squats and tricep extensions Round 3 Chest press and thrusters. Round 4 Lawn mower pulls and LBC We finished the rounds with 15 three count American Hammers. 25 three count flutter kicks. One 2 minute protractor!

Circle of trust , We prayed for God to truly make us Thankful for his blessings. Lifted up those traveling for the Holidays and asked for healing for our friends dealing with health issues.

Coffee and doughnuts rounded out the morning. Thanks for allowing me to lead this outstanding group. Proud to have you as friends!

Total count: 6

PAX: Buckeye, Lightning, Brackish, Le Pew

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Cinderella from Gastonia

warmorama: SSH, merkins, seal claps, copperhead squats IC

Le Pew and Amy Grant stormed the Carolina Beach Boardwalk with 6 total brave PAX. round 1: box jumps x12, derkins x12, cockroach resurrections x12 then run to fudge shop and back. repeato x4

round 2: Le Pew smoked us with some slow count muscle builders including bananas, slow/wide merkins, slow count sumo squats, variation of al gore with knees together and hands up high (le pew should name this one-- it really sucked!), and supermans

Then ran back to AO for some mary and COT.

COT: Prayers for Le Pew's pup-- broken leg is healing up. Prayers for our country. Praises for new AO at Maides Park and prayers for it to continue to grow. Great to see Le Pew back out in the gloom this morning and thanks for the co-Q!! Amy out.

Total count: 6

PAX: HumpDay

FNGs: None

Other PAX: HumpDay, Coach K, High Tide, Voodoo and 2 other Pax I can’t remember their F3 name.

YHC posted downrange and pulled into an AO with 2 Options - Bootcamp or Kettles….YHC took the path less traveled and Voodoo led us through a week of focus on workouts from the book More Kettlebell Muscle by Geoff Neupert. This book is based on complexes and chains. Today’s workout included 5 rounds of 6x6 KB doubles exercises, then a few additional KB EMOMs with carries, cleans and snatches, end with Mary.

Merged with the Bootcamp AO for the COT and Prayer out. Fun time at the Olympus AO in Charlotte! Post downrange while you’re outside of F3CF, you will appreciate this group even more.

Total count: 4

PAX: Rooney, Worms, Brady Alfandre

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm-o-rama 20 Side straddle hops, 20 Merkins, 10 Frankenstein's, 10 Pebble Pickers

Mosey to the softball field

Thing 1 Play a game of F3 pick a card any card (card creds to Worms) 10 Ranger Merkins, 10 Merkins, 10 Jump squats, 200m sprint Complete a lap around the field 10 Merkins, 90 sec plank, 10 Shoulder taps, 20 Squats Complete a lap around the field 10 Merkins, 10 Diamond merkin, 10 Derkins, 10 WWII sit ups

Mosey to playground

Thing 2 Round of 11's step ups to pull ups on the playground

Indian run back to the parking lot 6 complete 1 burpee

Cooldown 20 side straddle hops, 10 Frankenstien's,1o Pebble pickers

COT Prayers for Worms traveling this holiday and for his daughters new job. Prayers for everyone staying safe over the Thanksgiving holiday

Total count: 35

PAX: Beauty, Beaufort, FIZZ, Crockett, It Wasnt Me, NAPA, show n tell, SONG BIRD, Beaker, Flight Nurse, Southie, Smuckers, letc, Blackout, Gump, Busted Grill, Gandalf, Special K, blood donor, Bing, Buckeye, McFly, Kramer, Dino, Allman Joy

FNGs: Rapunsel, Giblets

Other PAX: Kneehigh2, Mind Blown, Pit Stop, Space Jam, Renaldo, Double Dribble

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workouts groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Principles – Free, Open to all men, Held outdoors, Peer led, Ends with a circle of trust

Warmorama Dumbledore – Side straddle hops FreeFlow -- Mamba nightclubs Dumbledore – Copperhead squats FreeFlow -- Toy soldiers

DORA While PAX 1 completes exercises the other PAX runs to soccer goal and does 5 burpees 100 Kobe Bryant’s 150 Derkins 200 LBCs

Team Competition

  • Break group up into 2 teams, then break up within your team into smaller groups (probably 5)
  • Play full court basketball. Whenever one team scores the other team does 10 merkins. Guys on the sidelines have the choice to either run around the court or do squats or military press continuously while cheering for their team. The roadside team was victorious.

Keep the same teams and mosey to football field. Oklahoma drill - call a PAX out for a challenge of who can complete 5 burpees the fastest while all other PAX cheer and chop their feet. Note that Busted Grill will tackle you if you look at him wrong.

COT (FreeFlow)

  • FreeFlow delivered a powerful message about what 2GbTG means to him.
  • Welcome FNGs Rapunsel and Giblets
  • Pray for FreeFlow’s Mom and family, all those who need strength during trying times, and the strength of the Combine.

Kramer inspired us all regarding the birth and growth of Mamba and then appointed Fizz as the Combine’s new site Q. Fizz reassured the crowd that he’s in it for the long haul to build the Combine.

All this followed by Coffeeteria. AN EPIC MORNING…PERIOD

Mamba out