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Total count: 9

PAX: Dogwood, Bambi, Liberty, Goldfinger, Oaken, Gump, R-X, R2

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmerama: SSH x46, toy soldier x10 Imperial Walkers x10, Pebble pickers x10, mountain climbers x10, 6 burpees

The thang: Walk the loop quarter mile with Cindy doing curls and overhead carry.

At shelter we did accumulated Pyramid: 10 big boys 20 merkins 30 dips 40 calf raises 50 Cindy curls

and then back down the Pyramid

At basketball court we did 4 corers 20 mountain climbers 2ct. 20 Vups 20 plank jacks 20 Freddie mercury

COT: Bambi M with swollen ankle YHC 2.0 under the weather

dad's camp in less than 2 months

Thanks everyone for celebrating my birthday

Total count: 10

PAX: Steel Plates, Sister Act, Busted Grill, Pez, Chips, Da Rock, Mint Julep

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Cola, torpedo,

Gotham called with the bat signal for two weeks. No superheroes were available. So yhc bumbled in with no plan but did have a bunch of useless etymology and made up exercises, intentionally to try and avoid having pax realize he cannot remember the f3 names of some of this stuff.

Nice little boxer’s style warmup A run around the block

Tabata Series of upper body, core, and leg workouts, including:

Derkins American hammers Single leg squats Carolina boat docks Explosive switch lunges Negative explosive merkins Pistol squats Freddie mercuries Seated in and outs Heels to the sky

Musings of the mind:

What does the word camera actually mean? Tea and Caj. All you need to know to be a nomad.

Ended with some relay sprints and our circle of trust.

Prayers for our local pax and some celebrations of those not there but who were in our minds and spirits:

The entire cape fear region for being awarded the best. And praise for all the wins. Even when the chips are down it seems cape fear always snatches victory. Some gnarly dudes out there.

A meditation on the meaning of HIM.

My definition after much thought:

“High impact men are men whose presence alone changes the trajectory of others.”


Imagine you’re going along a path and someone happens to be in it. It causes an impact and your course is either changed, or diverted, or absorbed.

There are many on your path, many helpers, many Allies and many friends. But I thought about the word “impact.” Impact is almost an unconscious thing.

Your course is diverted, not through advice, or guidance, but through presence, and sometimes story.

There are many HIM. In fact, I know all of you out there are, undoubtedly, to someone. We rarely name it or know it. The entire f3 family is one big aggregation of HIM to me.

But A few names came up to yhc because of the simplicity of this definition. Through your presence alone, and without intention, you’ve impacted my own trajectory.

Since we can’t tag here you will be honored below and for reasons why.

Total count: 7

PAX: hoveround, Pixel Pusher, morpheus, Doubtfire, Tiny Dancer, Bartman

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

YHC was a minute late but Pixel had me covered and led the PAX in some Seal Claps. A dollar short I showed up a minute late but took over with some grav pickers and emp walkers. We then headed out to loop campus bit the sidewalks were closed. But since we were running, figured the signs didn’t apply to us. We then found a parking deck and tested out the new hill feature. We then moseyed to the other deck and tested out the mountain goat feature then back to the flags for COT and then to Life Changing Coffee with Hov, Morpheus and Gump. A great time was had by all.

Total count: 16

PAX: Matt Foley, Hoosier Daddy, Rawhide, Special K, Buckeye, Redline, hooch, Gumby, Blackout, Whaler

FNGs: None

Other PAX: @Doublemint , @shortrib, @trolleystop, @the Mountie, @kingpin

We took off that way. Started with 15 and ended with 16. Rolled a few garbage cans back to its proper place. Collected sandals and belongings on the beach and gave to beach patrol.

Total count: 9

PAX: El Gato, Flight Nurse

FNGs: Fresh Catch, Shakespeare

Other PAX: Soap, Kodax, platypus, fetish.

Warm up Side Straddle Hop Seal claps Mamba Night Clubs Chain breakers Stretch

Shoulder taps Curbs Run to curb do 10 ST Run backwards to curb do 9 sT Countdown to 1 at each curb

Mamba Merkins Line up in plank formation End of line plank walk and do 1 merkin with person in front.

Dora 1,2,3 Partner Up 100 Hello Dollys 200 Big boys 300 Squats Other partner runs other end of parking lot and back

Total count: 11

PAX: Total Eclipse, 10 count, Cabana Boy, Milton, Kopi Luwak, Dalton, Pledge, blood donor, GTA, Under Siege

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Runners did a nascar style run around big bear loop. Then ran backwards around little bear, then followed up with more nascar style run. Then when we hit the back of the park we sprinted between speed bumps. Ruckers got there rucks in.

Total count: 3

PAX: Dogwood

FNGs: None

Other PAX: T-Bone from Metro Atlanta

We ran!

Prayers for T-Bone as he travel back to ATL


Total count: 6

PAX: Hoosier Daddy, Rawhide, Redline, hooch, COOKIE

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

6 highly motivated pax led by Matt Foley (3 for EC) on what was supposed to be a Ladies Love Legs day but after enough complaining, Foley switched gears and turned it into a Ladies Love Arms day without missing a beat. Strong work by all in attendance. Remember there will be a day that we will not be able to do this, but TODAY WAS NOT THAT DAY ????????

Total count: 8

PAX: DadBod, Jingle, sir_mix_a_lot, Doubtfire, SEAHORSE, Vandelay, Captain Jack

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None


The Thang 6 shelters- 6 exercises at each shelter Chest press Shoulder press Squat Swings Curls Extensions 10 reps per exercise at shelter 1 Add 10 reps per shelter per exercise 960 reps total 6 shelters 6 exercises Represent number of years in F3 Additional reps represent F3s impact on my life- more and more

COT Grateful for 6 years, cheers to 6 more Captain Jack- message to his son- Gods provision July 4th convergence Wear sunscreen

Total count: 6

PAX: Drip, RoundUpOne, Bartman, E6, Clog

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm-o-rama: SSH, Raise the Roof, Good mornings

The Thang: EMOM 15 min Minute 1: shuttle run Minute 2: 5 cindy rows, 10 merkins, 15 cindy Squats Minute 3: 45 seconds of cindy big boys Minute 4: 10 shoulder press, 10 carolina dry docks Minute 5: 10 Manmakers

Thang 2: 4 corners: 5 cindy rows 5 cindy shoulder press Rifle carry long path, Murder Bunnies short path. add 5 reps to each movement at each corner, until 20 reps, then back down. rep scheme ended up being 5-10-15-20-15-10-5

Thang 3: 15 cindy swings 15 burpees ... repeat until COT time!

COT Name-o-rama Announcements

Total count: 9

PAX: GTA, Pledge, Chop Shop, Total Eclipse, Matthew (Kiss Cam), Gutterball

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Spray tan, Borat

EC: 3 mile ruck me and BD

Warmorama: -pebble pickers -Imperial walkers -hillbillies -side straddle hops

Thang 1: Block Mile -take ole Cindy for a walk, or a rock. Q gives direction on how to move. Curl/press, rifle carry, bicep hold etc. -stop each quarter mile to do short exercise. Thrusters, front raise, chest press. -ended with chest press to Bring Sally up!

Prayer Requests: -Give us the strength to bear the weight of these moments! THE Goat! Wapners wife continued healing.

Announcements: -look at the challenges and let’s get going! Who will be MonTuGaThunder Ray 52?????

Habitat: -usually the 4th Saturday of each month from 7:45am to 2:00pm. -Next one: 7/21 -location/task: TBA

Tobytalk: -Every Thursday at 6:30pm -A place to unburden the soul and grow stronger with your brothers. -Location this week: TBA -Be on the lookout for the third annual Tobyboat!

Reminder: “Be the leader that you admire!”

Total count: 27

PAX: Blue Steel, Vogue, Pledge, Duty (Scott Nelson), Sparky, Dixie Chick, Moab, niles, Busted Grill, last, Lightning, Atomic Wedgy, Captain Jack, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Flight Nurse, Beater, Matthew (Kiss Cam), hoveround

FNGs: Homebody, Mystery Man, Boiled Nuts (formerly known as Hot Crotch)

Other PAX: The Artist, Lego Man, Spark Plug , Captain Cave Man, Bill Nye

Warmups: SSH x 30 Chain Breakers x 10 Mountain Climbers x 20 Tennessee Rocking Chair x 10 World’s Greatest Stretch

The Thang 2 columns with Flag up front NASCAR to Echo Chamber. Reorganize to one line after the po-po yelled at us.

Plank waterfall Circle up. 1 at a time, each pax will drop to low plank and hold until the waterfall goes all the way around the circle. Go to high plank. Rinse and repeat for 10 rounds

Resume NASCAR to Stone Street Access

4 Corners

  1. burpees x 10
  2. Squats x 20
  3. Flutter Kicks x 30
  4. Big Boy Sit-ups x 40 Lunge walk on the East/west directions. Bear crawl the north/south directions.

mosey down the beach to my brother and nieces.

Tunnel of love

Mosey back to the flag

Bear Crawl Plank Circle

Props to Atomic Wedgy for head locking 3 FNGs to join the bear crawl circle. We were kind and didn’t make them run back to the park to get names. Welcome FNGs Mystery Man, Hot Crotch, and Homebody. Hot crotch is being renamed Boiled Nuts. Welcome to the tribe fellas even if you think we’re F45.

Swim Time

NASCAR back to AO

COT: prayers for those struggling with addictions and don’t forget the convergence at Baywatch on July 4th. We’ll be led by the Marsh Brothers. You won’t want to miss Flight nurse and his bro from Iowa. Thanks for showing up in force today and allowing me to lead this group of HIMs. Make it a great day! - Steak Knives out

Total count: 10

PAX: FIZZ, bubbles1, Jingle, DadBod, morpheus, R-X, R2

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Piggyback, Chicken Butt

Warmup: SSH x 24 Merkins x 24 Chain Breakers x 10 Goof Balls x 10 BBSU x 10

Game 1: cheetahs and zebras

  • One 2.0 starts to run around tennis court. After 5-10 perfect Merkins 1/4 the ‘cheetah’ dad PAX chases after to try and catch them. Ended with kid PAX chasing Jingle.

Game 2: Kid Relay Dora.

  • Kids are used as items passed between PAX. One Pax carries 2.0 cross field to PAX doing exercises. First group to finish wins. The kids ran off to the playground during the Burpees… 50 Squats holding kid 50 Kid Presses 50 Burpees no kids

Game 3: Playground time. Kids played while PAX did a 10 minute circuit of: 30 Dips, Derkins, Stepups, and Plank Jacks.

Game 4: Hide and Seek. Kids hid while we did 20 Hello Dollies. They were easy to find.

Game 5: Regiment battle: Everyone ran the basketball court once and did a burpee, then it was time to Water Ballon fight!


  • DadBod to Cali for family. Safe travel.
  • 4th of July plans
  • Sasquatch CSAUP July 27.

After that, on to Brunch and Coffeeteria time! Thanks for coming out Dads!


Total count: 1

PAX: Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder)

FNGs: None

Other PAX: The M

Rucked roughly 3km to the train, with some extra coupons on front and alternating arms with a modified leather bag!!

M says my name should be changed to “Donkey” or “Jack Ass” or “Mule” lol

Total count: 11

PAX: Hoosier Daddy, Bedlam, Whaler, Matt Foley, Gumby, Buckeye, Jingle, Special K, Blackout, Redline

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

11 kinda motivated pax with some for EC, some for rucking and some for walking on the casualest of Fridays to end the week. Mediocre work by all in attendance but the F2 as usual was at an all time high ????????

Total count: 1

PAX: Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder)

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Ran down the coast

Found stairs, did 11’s, Mike Tyson merkins and heels to heaven.

Ran some more and found grass, WENT BARE FOOT!! did 10 burpees, 10 Ten year burpees.

Then ran back to the AO

Total count: 6

PAX: 10 count, blood donor, GTA, Pledge, Pumpkin Pie Chart

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None


SSH Chain Breakers Copperhead squats

Main Thing:

4 corners

LBCs American Hammers Heels ti Heaven Hello Dolly


Mosey back to the AO.



Total count: 6

PAX: Inches Short, Cup Check, Rip Rap, OTC, WaySide

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

3 Ruckers and 3 Runners. Beautiful morning On The Edge.


Be with those recovering from injuries.

Be with Rip Rap as he ventures in to the unknown.

Have a Good Weekend everyone, I'll be missing y'all next week, but ready to get back after it the following week!

Total count: 1

PAX: Bedlam

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Sad day in the history of Arrowhead.

Bedlam did one round of the routine and then headed over to the Casual group for a ruck.

You all owe it to me by coming out for the 2.0 Beatdown tomorrow at The Combine!

No pistols firing today.

Total count: 10

PAX: Crockett, Drip, RoundUpOne, morpheus, Busted Grill, Salty, Hahvard, Goldfinger

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Boardwalk (Washington DC)

traditional warmup Mosey around the pond to the pull ups.

3 rounds of failing forward -pull ups to failure -merkins to failure -take a lap around the pond

1round dead hang to failure

to the stone wall by the pond 5 pistol squat partials each leg Mosey back

we covered about 1.75mi running through the workout.

closed with some Mary

prayers for patience with loved ones and safety while traveling.

Total count: 4

PAX: Leroy Brown, Tiny Dancer

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Ken Burns

Warmup Seal Claps Chain Breakers Tennessee Rocking Chairs Michael Phelps World’s Greatest Stretch

Rucks and sandbags on NASCAR ruck to Goose Poop Island

Partner Up Pax 1 will carry 1 sandbag up, down, and up the stairs. Perform 5 Bear Complexes, then back down to their partner. Pax 2 is doing 10 ruck derkins, 20 ruck overhead presses, and 30 ruck swings.

Rinse and repeat for 6 rounds in total.

Ruck back to the intersection

Catch me if you can. Partner up: Pax 1 will suitcase carry both sandbags moving down the road towards the AO. Pax 2 will do 1 Navy Seal Burpee the. Run to catch their partner. Rinse and repeat until we arrive back at the AO

Go slick.

Merkin Hellevator 5, 10, and 20

COT: continued prayers for Mr. T’s M, Leroy Brown’s sister: Maggie, my friends David and Sean, and all those fighting addiction and mental health challenges.

It was my pleasure leading this group of HIMs today. Go make someone smile today gentlemen. Until next time…Steak Knives out

Total count: 5

PAX: Mr.Incredible, Dollarweed, Curfew, Bing

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

kitchen sink stretches male ballerinos floor work sun salutations and obligatory chaturungas

another beautiful sunrise was witnessed! Namaste

Total count: 10

PAX: Tiny Dancer, hoveround, Blue Steel, Kingpin, Sister Act, Bartman, WNBA

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Ken Burns (G-Vegas), Total Eclipse

Warm: Seal Claps x 10 IC SSH x 10 IC Seal Straddle Hops x 10 IC

Thang: head out of LLP across College Rd to the Shuffler Center trail, then around to the ditch greenway and behind Roland Grise and through Lincoln Forest to the end by the mall. Turn around and run the same path back to LLP, with one lap around Goose Poop Island and back to the AO for 4 miles. Good effort and mumblechatter by all.

COT: Total Eclipse's M needs a new car, prayers for them. Lift up Wapner and Mr T's M's. My M is also having some health issues so prayers for all the M's. This is the time of year where PAX are coming and going on vacation and such, so get on the Q calendar and help fill all those empty spaces.

Total count: 3

PAX: U0780REHAGG, Hoosier Daddy

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Three highly motivated pax led by Hooch did multiple rounds of 11s while discussing a wide range of topics including, health insurance, retirement plans and the rising cost of college tuition just to name a few. Strong work by all ????????

Total count: 13

PAX: Waterbug, Matthew (Kiss Cam), Trump, Flea, Hush Money, MalcolmInTheMiddle, AchyBreaky, Linguini, Bunny Slope, Ugly Stik, Little Mermaid

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Funky monkey

Workout and games on the beach ending with a dip. Coffeteria and good discussion afterwards

Total count: 20

PAX: The Alchemist, Beaker, Chop Shop, letc, Southie, Under Siege, Jingle, Inches Short, Atomic Wedgy, Bedlam, ballbearing, Dogwood, Pledge, Sparky, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Rotor, GTA, Dalton, Tuco

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

EC: 3 mile ruck to reflect with Tuco

Warmorama: -6 burpees -maniacs -shark claps

Thang 1: 6 laps of love-Cannonball Run Style -get a partner or two and a ball -one runs with ball, others do exercise and catches up then switch. -you will do 6 reps of the exercise. -exercise will change each lap doing B.L.I.M.P.S. Big boys x6, lunges 6 each leg, imperials walkers 4 count, merkins 4 count, plank jacks 4 count, squats 4 count

Prayer Requests: -Give us the strength to bear the weight of these moments! THE Goat! Wapners wife continued healing. My work!

Announcements: -look at the challenges and let’s get going! Who will be MonTuGaThunder Ray 52?????

Habitat: -usually the 4th Saturday of each month from 7:45am to 2:00pm. -Next one: 6/15/24 -location/task: 6/15 is going to be trusses at 1017 S 11th Street.

Tobytalk: -Every Thursday at 6:30pm -A place to unburden the soul and grow stronger with your brothers. -Location this week: McAllisters on College

Reminder: “Thanks for all the good times and great fellowship over these last 6 years!”

Total count: 4

PAX: Special K, Kramer

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Hand mod

Warm up of stretching. Rucked on the boardwalk down to Elijah’s restaurant and back. Went to parking deck to sprints, mercans, and side straddle hop.

Prayed to lift up or brothers and sisters doing F3 and other activities. Hope that we support each other and have a good summer.

Total count: 6

PAX: Steak Knives, ATARI, Vandelay, Petri, Crockett

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Downtown Julie Brown Bootcamp Workout

Meetup at Bijou Park 0515. Mosey through CFCC for cubbies of suffering

Head over to Heisenberg Hill for Dora 123 Head over to Lizard Brain Circle for a partner assist mini burpee circuit

Mosey down to convention center for some karaoke.

Mosey to green space by the boardwalk for some 7’s with merkins and WW2 sit-ups. Mosey to the staircase to heaven and back to Bijou Park for some Mary.

COT: Wise words from a friend and former Army pal (James Felts, LTC ret):

Stop chasing validation. Start offering ????????????????????.

How I transformed my life by serving others.

⇒ Sacrifice what you never received. ⇒ Serve even when it feels unnoticed. ⇒ Offer your best, always. ⇒ Persist through misunderstanding.


Because serving fuels growth.

When you give, you grow. When you serve, you ????????????????.

You may not always see immediate results. But service builds a legacy.

Keep trying. Keep serving. They may not be ready. You must be.

Power lies in service. Think differently. Act selflessly. Be the change.

????.????. Serving is the real success.

Total count: 6

PAX: Hahvard, Steak Knives, Salty, Jingle, Captain Jack

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

I don't recall Jack Sparrow ever taking his clothes off in "Pirates of the Caribbean," but our own Cape Fear F3 pirate, Captain Jack, was half-naked by 5:31 this morning. Fortunately for all of us, it was the top half. Something about not wanting to stink his car up. After a brief brain freeze, I gathered my thoughts and proceeded with the Q.

And Hahvard did not forget his shoes.


Michael Phelps x 10 Seal Clap x 20 IC Hillbilly x 10 IC Gravel Pickers x 10 IC

Scout Run to Pull Up Bars

Jingle had his usual IV of Red Bull before the workout and proceeded to scout the entire park for us.

The scary old guy with the impressive beard said he doesn't eat meat, in case anybody was wondering.

Pull up pyramid

1-5 pull up and back down to 1 Five burpees after each set

Partner Run

20 Clap Merkins 20 Big Boys 20 Bobby Hurleys

Pearls on a String - Bear Crawl around the fence line

Mosey to the basketball courts

Burp and Jack Burpee with ascending plank jacks (4-count)


Outlaws Oblique Sit Ups Flutter Kicks LBCs American Hammers Partner Big Boys


The 10-year was a great success It was humid today

Salty - Just give your gloves to the scary old guy, and thanks for volunteering to C0-Q next week "Salty Chick". Hahvard - You can count on me to keep a secret! Steak Knives - If anybody can get the scary old guy to attend an F3 workout, it's you. Jingle - EMOM, EMOM, EMOM, EMOM, EMOM, EMOM Captain Jack - Have you ever heard of the song "Moon River"?

F3 is fun, DC

Total count: 4

PAX: slaughter, Redline, Matt Foley

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Speed bump alley. Hopped fences and ran bleachers.