• July 31, 2021
F3 ENC - The Sasquatch 2021
Preblast from F3 ENC:

THE Sasquatch is HERE and through its challenge we WILL pay homage to a past leader/creator – Bigfoot. Over FIVE years ago, his CSAUP proclamation was met with instant approval and put into action bringing hundreds of PAX together since its inception. SASQUATCH THEMES of old have also paid tribute to COOPSTRONG (Papa Smurf) in more recent years.

This year’s SASQUATCH has a higher calling as well – AINSLEYs Angels which aims to build awareness about America’s special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life. So, we will be donating our money, wearing a SEA of PINK to show unanimity with their organization, and most importantly, we will be engaging members of the special needs community by pushing on the last leg of the SASQUATCH. It will be a series of SPECIAL MOMENTS.

The SASQUATCH, consisting of five 10-min bootcamps (Ruckers will only do 2) spread over 10-miles or terrain, is a micro-manifestation of the overall vision of F3 – to complete difficult challenges with our brothers by our side. The workouts will be posted day of, which makes the virtual possible. The Q’s will lead the workout at their assigned AO!

By embracing this challenging commitment, PAX are acknowledging through action that there is no GROWTH without actual STRUGGLE.

So, don’t FARTSACK… don’t make EXCUSES… don’t leave your brothers behind… come to the SASQUATCH to pay homage to those who have come before us… come to honor the brother sweating next to you… come to prove something to yourself.

See you Saturday, July 31st @ 6am at the Greenville Town Commons! Signup here! Tshirt and Patch options if you signup and pay by July 15th to receive a shirt by the event!

F3 Cape Fear's Flight Nurse and Circuit Breaker won the ruck event!