• October 16, 2021
McFly's Iron Angel 2021

It's time to take a walk with an Angel and support Ainsley's Angels in North Carolina . Next weekend Saturday October 16th at 8 am Wrightsville Beach Park, the 2021 F3CapeFear 24 Hour Iron Angel takes off once again. All proceeds, straight donations, or pledge per mile, PATCHES ARE $5 A PIECE (preorder) will go to the SENC Ainsley's Angels. If you want to join me for a few miles in person let me know. If you want to join me virtually let me know. This is a time to ring the F3 Bell of Accomplishment. Accomplish a goal you set for yourself or just want to ring in #inclusion. #togetherweshall #ironsharpensiron #WhosMotivated #nopersonleftbehind

Just a CPL days until 2nd Annual F3 CAPEFEAR 24 HOUR IRON ANGEL. Saturday morning 8 am sharp. I'll be taking Funds by Venmo, PayPal, Facebook Ainsley's Angels Fundraiser on my profile and will also taking pledges per mile. My goal is 75 miles in 24 hours and $2250 ($250 more than last year) for SENC AINSLEY'S ANGELS. If you rather join me and show your love that way, come on out. 4 different routes that range from 3 miles to 15. 3 routes on the island and 1 going up to UNCW and back. Garmin Connect will be tracking me.


For last 24 hours I have been attempting the F3 CapeFear 24 Hour IRON ANGEL. With the help of many and I MEAN MANY, including @Beauty, @NAPA, @Brackish, @Crockett, @Redline @R-X, @EPO @GTA @sir_mix_a_lot I was able to put 78.66 miles the longest I have been. The Angels pulled me along and you guys of F3 pushed me along. The financial tally has not been completed yet but the Facebook Ainsley's Angels link will be open for 2 weeks, and I will periodically post the results. But I want to say thank you to all those who have supported me financially, spiritually, and physically through this Adventure of Inclusion