• August 28, 2021
The Mamba Prayer
Courtesy of Smuckers and The Mambas

Father, right now we kneel before you and pause to give you our prayer and receive your presence. We bless you. We thank you for F3 and the ability to be here. One day we will not be able to do this, but today is not that day.

Father, this week in particular we ask that you propel the mission of F3, particularly our value to be "Open to All Men." We know this is not only central to our mission; it's also central to your heart. We are grateful for every man in this circle, and we know there are many yet to come. As leaders and HIM's in our communities, we are not content with the status quo. We refuse to allow things to remain as they are. We are not OK with the hurt, the division, the hatred, and the animosity between our fellow humans. Today, we boldly declare that this circle will grow, not only in numbers, but also in love and unity and diversity. We declare this circle will be open to every man in our communities - including men of every ethnicity, economic status, education level and age. We will work hard to reach all kinds of men because we are better with them.

Father, touch every man in this circle today. Inspire him, fill him, mold him, and develop him into a High Impact Man. This we pray in Jesus' name, Amen.