• November 5, 2022
Brewruck 2022 - Supporting Nourish NC
Preblast from Buckeye

Alright Pax, here’s the lowdown for this years F3 Brewery Ruck, again partnered with Nourish NC to bring some much needed food before the holidays are upon us.

We raised 1700 lbs last year which was absolutely amazing! Let’s get that over 2000 this year!!!

Date: November 5 Time: 12:30 - ? Miles: roughly 8 Start: Wilmington Brewing Company End: New Anthem Greenfield

There will be a bin at each Brewery for food drop offs. I’ll be picking them up Sunday to take to Nourish on Monday.

  • Here are the AO assignments, same as last year:
  • New Anthem - Greenfield - Stingray
  • Waterline - BruCo
  • New Anthem - Dock - Gators
  • Flytrap - Joes
  • Edward Teach - Joes
  • Hi-wire - Mambas
  • Bills Front Porch - Megladons
  • Flying Machine - Megladons
  • Wilmington Brewing Company - Gorillaz

We’re not walking back to Greenfield like we did last year as that was the longest leg of a long day and was a brutal finish with only a few folks left that were ready to put our feet up.



QIC: Buckeye

25 PAX

PAX: Pixel Pusher, Snooki, Southie, Special K FNGs: What the Puck, Grimmace Other PAX: None

Brewery Ruck 2022 was a smashing success. Too many PaX to name (backblast a posted along the way) and yes @flightnurse scored a direct hit on Mrs YHC’s special friend. My 2.0 said, and I quote, “that was hilarious” :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Thanks to Pixel for updating the flyer, @snooki for making an amazing map and itinerary that we didn’t materially stray from, and to @specialk and @southie for picking up all the food to drop off tomorrow because YHC is traveling. If anyone has anything to drop off, please DM them to coordinate so we can get the final weigh in. Props to @tombstone for all the confidence that the :eagle: somehow managed to donate the most, jury is still out :joy:

Big props to @epo for coming up with this CSAUP idea last year and @specialk for connecting it to Nourish NC. This is super impactful to the community and I truly appreciate all the donations that were made, miles walked, prayers made (@bedlam) and PAX who were a part of this event.

Hope to see you next year!!!!


blood donor @Jingle @DadBod @Milton total betwen the morning wb ruck and rt brewery ruck was 26. 7 miles. Now a couple advil and a ice bath for the feet

milton @Jingle @blood donor and Milton closed out Brew Ruck with a forced hump back to Wilmington Brewery! Finished strong to “Zorba the Greek” (keeps getting faster and faster and don’t know why!) total mile count is:

  • Blood donor : 30+ miles
  • Jingle: 16-17 miles
  • Milton: 16 miles