• December 2, 2023
2023 Chasing the Chupacabra
Best runner:
  • LETC - 36 miles


Best hybrid run/ruck:
  • Jingle - 62 miles


Best ruck:
  • Tophat - 54 miles


@EPO preblast:

Can’t wait for the start of chasing that chupacabra 2023

Below are the rules. Do not deviate or violate the rules.

You were in a state park you must follow all rules of the state park. No exceptions. The race starts at 8 AM sharp. There will be a mandatory pre-race meeting at 0745. Show up early.

If you are not camping, you will either park outside the main gate, the visitor center, the picnic area before the marina, or at the marina. Feel free to drive through the campground and drop off stuff at the start line if you like. if you’re camping, just park at your campsite.

The start line will be campsite 61. It’s directly across from the bathhouse. You will pass two other restrooms on the racecourse.

If you are rocking, you should have a 30 pound rucksack.

If you’re in the hybrid division, you should have a 25 pound rucksack.

This is a Self supported event. If you need food, water, or anything else, you should bring it. The only thing I will provide is timing, a good beat down, and a great time. If you donated $20 or more to the scholarship fund, then you will get a custom pint glass.

The course will be marked with signs this year.

I want to thank everybody for supporting this cause. I should be at Carolina Beach State Park around 3 o’clock on Friday. Campsite 61. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions on Slack or via my phone.