• March 19, 2022
2022 Chasing the Chupacabra
Best runners:
  • Sloppy Joe - 12 laps, 48 miles
  • Brackish - 11 laps, 44 miles


Best ruckers:
  • Flight Nurse - 17 laps, 45 miles
  • Buffalo - 16 laps, 43 miles



I was able to finish 42.5 miles. @Flight Nurse brought it home with 45 miles. Much respect for that HIM!!!

@10 count

What a day…I mean days!!!! @EPO thank you for leading such an amazing event. @sloppy_joe and @Flight Nurse you may be my new hero's! 30 miles was what I had but it was the most I'd ever done so chocking it up as a win even though 5th was my final finish place. I likewise feel like @Buffalo @Beretta and @Gasket may be made of something that others aren't. Dam gnarly pieces of steel you boys are. @Brackish…..just inspiring how hard you pushed. My boys @Geiger and @Cabana Boy , who even came looking for me when I struggled to get back that last lap…love you guys. @Cabana Boy really enjoyed all the F2 this weekend as well! Note to all, best post crazy ruck meal….char grilled cheddar bacon burgers followed up by a lemon pepper char grilled New York strip burger. Dinner of champions! Stingray boys… @Chop Shop , @blood donor , @It Wasnt Me and any others I my have missed. Great showing! Humbled by the experience, awoken to new limits and blessed to also know that the many men that started and finished this thing also gave to a great cause. Somewhere in the $3,000 range raised for the first ever F3 Cape Fear scholarship! Look for details on how to apply for this for yourself or how your 2.0 can apply on April 1st. God I freakin love F3!! (edited)

@cabana boy

Thanks @EPO for a great event, all your planning and effort showed and was appreciated - well done! Super motivating to see @Flight Nurse @Buffalo @Beretta push each other and pound out those laps. @sloppy_joe and @Brackish are machines! Thanks @10 count for the encouragement. Proud to be a part of such a great group.


I echo all the sentiments here. Top notch event! TClaps to @EPOand everyone that supported the effort. I had planned to do 1 or 2 laps to support the effort, but the weather was perfect and the vibe was like a siren’s song, luring me in for a total of 8 Ruck laps. All 3 F’s showed up and as always, so nice to spend time in the company of HIM! The “chupacabra” could take on different meanings for each man, but whether you find yourself chasing the right or wrong things in life, being surrounded by the men and principals of F3 will help you get better! Next time you see a challenge pop up, do yourself a favor - just go for 1 lap!


As I sit here thinking about this weekends chasing the ChubaCabra I am again amazed at our F3 community. It is incredible the amount of help and effort that pour out of these HIM!!! Not to mention the strength that they display during the event. I put this event on because it is one of the best you versus you events to test yourself. This weekend I got to watch 75 men test themselves. many went further than they ever have. Just incredible!!! I am so proud to call you brothers. Thank you to everyone that help to pull off this CSUPA!! Too many to name and I don't won't to leave anyone out. Just know I am very grateful for the help. I am waiting on the final total of money raise for the scholarship. Hopefully I’ll get that from bogey in the next week. But I think we passed $3000. Again just outstanding work by the high impact men of F3capefear. I can’t wait until the next edition of Chasing the ChubaCabra. Just a Heads up, I’ll probably move it back to December. And there will be a couple of twist.

EPO out