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Total count: 4

PAX: slaughter, Redline, Matt Foley

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Speed bump alley. Hopped fences and ran bleachers.

Total count: 6

PAX: Hahvard, Steak Knives, Salty, Jingle, Captain Jack

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

I don't recall Jack Sparrow ever taking his clothes off in "Pirates of the Caribbean," but our own Cape Fear F3 pirate, Captain Jack, was half-naked by 5:31 this morning. Fortunately for all of us, it was the top half. Something about not wanting to stink his car up. After a brief brain freeze, I gathered my thoughts and proceeded with the Q.

And Hahvard did not forget his shoes.


Michael Phelps x 10 Seal Clap x 20 IC Hillbilly x 10 IC Gravel Pickers x 10 IC

Scout Run to Pull Up Bars

Jingle had his usual IV of Red Bull before the workout and proceeded to scout the entire park for us.

The scary old guy with the impressive beard said he doesn't eat meat, in case anybody was wondering.

Pull up pyramid

1-5 pull up and back down to 1 Five burpees after each set

Partner Run

20 Clap Merkins 20 Big Boys 20 Bobby Hurleys

Pearls on a String - Bear Crawl around the fence line

Mosey to the basketball courts

Burp and Jack Burpee with ascending plank jacks (4-count)


Outlaws Oblique Sit Ups Flutter Kicks LBCs American Hammers Partner Big Boys


The 10-year was a great success It was humid today

Salty - Just give your gloves to the scary old guy, and thanks for volunteering to C0-Q next week "Salty Chick". Hahvard - You can count on me to keep a secret! Steak Knives - If anybody can get the scary old guy to attend an F3 workout, it's you. Jingle - EMOM, EMOM, EMOM, EMOM, EMOM, EMOM Captain Jack - Have you ever heard of the song "Moon River"?

F3 is fun, DC

Total count: 5

PAX: Cup Check, Funny Car (F3 Hampton Roads, VA), Offering Plate, Pumpkin Pie Chart

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Mission / Principles / Credo / Disclaimer

Warmarama SSH x 10 Shoulder stretch SSH x 10 Dark Troopers SSH x 10 Gravel pickers SSH x 10

Count-o-rama: 5

The Thang

Set 1: Plyo Set 3 sets of each exercise; 30s work, 15s rest 2 groiners and a jump squat J-Los Shoulder Taps 3 minutes each cycle x 2 = 6 minutes

Set 2: Lean Explosion; 30s work, 15s rest High Knees Twinkle Toes Jump Squats 3 minutes each cycle x 2 = 6 minutes

Set 3: Chest, Tri, Back, Shoulders; 30s work, 15s rest Ranger Merkin Dips Carolina Dry Docks 3 minutes each cycle x 2 = 6 minutes

Set 4: Core Explosion; 30s work, 15s rest American hammers Flutter kicks Crunchy frogs 3 minutes each cycle x 2 = 6 minutes

Countarama: 5


Circle of Trust Prays traveling to the open Kids to summer camp Stingray Funny Car Q NCSU World Series Teachers

It was an honor and privilege to Q.

Total count: 13

PAX: Kingpin, COOKIE, Matt Foley, Whaler, The Mountie, Special K, Buckeye, Kramer, Hoosier Daddy, Gumby, hooch, Redline

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmarama with some Seal Straddle Hops but that fell apart quick and the heckling ramped up then tried some Emp Walkers but it was clear The Lion was ready to roar so we took off with no clear count. Hopefully didn’t loose anyone but probably did. We circled the beach under the bridge to the boardwalk and got a sunrise pic then back to the flags. Lost 3 to the boardwalk but they found their way back. 4.5 miles were run. ???? was on ???? and officially challenged the Mambas to Franksball! Possibly as early as this Friday but that could be hear say. Picked up a box turtle and helped him cross Dow Rd. Continue to find the 6 in your life and make the most of today y’all!

Total count: 9

PAX: Mint Julep, Nomad, Sister Act

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Pez, Torpedo, Chips, Sunrise, Steel Plates

Warmup: SSHs, toy soldiers, gravel pickers, imperial walkers, Michael Phelps and stretches The Thang: Run parking lot lines to the wall, step ups, decline merkins, one leg squats, dips, and calf raises. Mosey to the softest grass in Riverlights for prisoner squats, big boy sit ups, heels to heaven and v -ups. Mosey the long way back to the wall for a modified version of the first wall exercises. Then back to the grass for repeats and Mary finale. Some PAX led exercises mixed in. Counterama and COT: Announcements and prayers. I had fun, hope the PAX did, BG

Total count: 27

PAX: Brackish

FNGs: Sugar Cookie, Lost and Found

Other PAX: None

Did a serpentine, some sprints, and a turtle run. And somehow still got 3.3 miles in ????????

Total count: 13

PAX: Milton, Atomic Wedgy, WNBA, GTA, Pledge, The Alchemist, 10 count, Cabana Boy, Geiger, Beaker, blood donor, Tuco

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None


SSH Hillbillies Abe Vigodas Chain Breakers

Main Thang:

Runners ran & Ruckers Rucked


10 count’s 6 year F3 anniversary on Thursday!

Total count: 4

PAX: Cherrypicker, Oaken

FNGs: Hardees

Other PAX: None

WARMARAMA SSH, LBAC, Mamba Night Clubs, Cherry Pickers, Cherry Droppers, Toy Soilders, Gravel Pickers, Mountain Climbers

THE THANG Pick things up and put them down circuit. Cornhole is one of the stations (Combination of Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Squats, LBCs, and Flutter Kicks for misses and makes) Man-makers, Shrugs, Chest Press (Straight amd Incline), Straight Arm Pick Up, Curls (regular and hammer), Dumbell Thrusters

Total count: 9

PAX: Bartman, hoveround, mr.kotter, Jingle, Steak Knives, Tiny Dancer

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Clog, Dollar Weed

Warm a Rama of butt kickers, high knees, skipping

The Thang:  One intrepid Hoveround rucked.

Runners took a tour around front of campus, by water tower to the parking garage to top to take in a beautiful sunrise. Ran back to the parking deck byAO. Ran to top for more vista, then ran down a level, then down more levels, and back to top several times until time to return to the AO.

Helping the boys get Blue Ridge Relay ready.

COT:  T-claps for a great Cape Fear 10 year celebration!

Prayers for those in need of healing. Steak Knives’ friend with cancer, Clog’s mother with biopsy results pending, and all those unspoken.

It is an honor and a privilege.

Morpheus out

Total count: 7

PAX: GTA, Pledge, Beaker, Cabana Boy, Tuco, Matthew (Kiss Cam)

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Thing 1: Moved to Tennis court did Doras with slosh pipes

  1. 150 curls
  2. 150 bench press
  3. 150 shoulder press
  4. 150 skull crushers
  5. The runner ran across the 3 courts and did front raises

Thing 2: Stayed at Tennis courts and did 11's across 2 courts. -Side 1 did obliques rocks with pipes across shoulders and listened to the waves crashing. -Side 2 did fence posts on the other side.

Back to the AO and did to penalty burpees for the 2 drops. COT and parted ways. Thanks for hanging in the gloom with me.

Total count: 11

PAX: RoundUpOne, E6, Inches Short, Drip, Dollarweed, Kramer, Washed Up, Special K

FNGs: Clogged, GiGi

Other PAX: None


  • SSH
  • Chain Breakers
  • Mamba Nightclub
  • Arm Circles
  • Raise the Roof
  • Alarm Clocks

Four Corners - NASCAR to all corners around the block

Corner 1 - Bobby Hurley’s x 15 Corner 2 - BH’s and Big Boys x 15 Corner 3 - BH’s, BBS, and calf raises x 25 Corner 4 - BH’s, BBS, CR’s, and Burpees x 10

Dora - Partnered up with Cindy’s

  • Bent over rows x 150
  • Bicep curls x 150
  • Squats with Cindy’s x 150

Modified 11’s to 7’s

  • Cindy Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks - 4 Count

Ring of Fire

  • 94 Merkins as a group holding plank between reps in honor of my Grandfather passing last week at the age of 94

COT - No announcements or prayer requests

Thanks for letting me lead!

Total count: 4

PAX: R-X, hoveround, DadBod

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

We took off running to Arrowhead Park. Did a sprint workout on the tennis courts and ran back to AO. Did another sprint workout in the track behind the school and called it a day.

COT Safe Travels and prayers for Dadbod's family.

Total count: 9

PAX: THE HOFF, Steak Knives, hooch, COOKIE, Tombstone, Rawhide, Hoosier Daddy

FNGs: FNG John~Thug Life

Other PAX: None

Matt Foley with a strong leg day Q at Screaming Eagle. We welcomed FNG John now known as Thug Life. Strong work today brother ????????. Great to see Steak Knives down south again. 4 pax even came out for a 3 mile EC mosey. Prayers for those close to us who are battling cancer. May God lay his healing hands upon them. #morethanaworkout

Total count: 8

PAX: 10 count, Jingle, Captain Jack, Tom Sawyer, Showboat, Pixel Pusher, Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder)

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Many thanks to Wahlburger for bringing the KBs!

Monday is for Tabata!


A pagoda LBACs Stingray night clubbers Modified Mtn Climbers Imp walkers SSH

Tabata 20 seconds on 10 sec off x 8 rounds. Rotate CW during 10-second rest (always moving)….ADD Jerrycan sprint 25 meters. 2 min active rest….aka run around 1/2 parking lot! We did the following sets:

  1. KB swing
  2. KB upright row
  3. KB snatch and press
  4. KB tricep extension
  5. KB bicep curls
  6. KB thrusters

COT: where is everyone!? HMM usually had like 20 bubbas! Come back out!

Prayers of grace and patience for Tom Sawyer…family vacations upcoming.

Milton ert!

Total count: 19

PAX: blood donor, Chop Shop, Buddy the Elf, Dad Joke, Vandelay, Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder), Slider, Gump, Milton, R-X, Jingle, Snooki, Little Mermaid, Mudflap, MalcolmInTheMiddle, Inches Short, Dogwood

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Black Dog - New Bern

The THANG; This was a tribute to the men (Pathfinders) who jumped into France in preparation of Operation Overlord. The 300 men of the pathfinder companies were organized into teams of 14-18 paratroops each, whose main responsibility would be to deploy the ground beacon of the Rebecca/Eureka transponding radar system, and set out holophane marking lights.

Gear; Ruck/30lb w2 reflective bands , headlamp, 4 banglor torpedo, stretcher, blasting caps,holophane reflective screen, 1x50lb sandbag, 2x60lb sandbag, 2x80lb sandbags, 4 -15lb sledge hammers, Eureka radio (30lbplate), holophane marker (plywood Startex- Sundays parking lot 0500 The Thang After some correction we moved out to collect gear. Selected Jingle as Platoon Leader. Tasked with covertly leading the Pax under a bridge (Crystal ier) occupied by Germany Army. Platoon was not completely covert and two members were stolen by the French Resistance and buried at a location depicted through aerial reconnaissance. Pax moved out through the water as to not leave a trail on the beach. Pax had to low crawl under the watchtower (lifeguard stand). Pax moved to location through shin/knee deep water to intelligence location. Jingle selected 4 pax to low crawl the last 75yds to recover the package. Once recovered and safely stowed, I fired Jingle for drawing pictures of The Backstreet Boys in the sand. A Little Mermaid was selected as new PL, he was directed to the next objective. Pax were directed to clear a runway and place a holophane marker for the incoming gliders. Pax moved out to location through the water. Directed LM to have pax low crawl through sand to clear mines and set up panel. Pax finished in assigned timeframe. Pax moved out to final destination and troop DZ. LM got the pax in formation for the last movement. DZ is Crystal Pier at 0700. Moved out with authority. LM swapped Pax out efficiently and got us back in time. Fired LM due to his relentless singing “A Whole New World” while splashing in the water. Pax gave a brief history of the paratroopers they researched. Vandelay – Pvt Lipton BTE – Pvt Martin Chop Shop – Pvt Brown Walhburger – Gen Gavin Slider – Cpl Merritt Gump – Pvt Nobles Snooki – Sgt Ray Milton – SSg Lipton RX – Pvt Rice Jingle – Pvt Nobles Blood Donor – Pvt Jordan BlackDog – IstLt Dolan Little Mermaid - Sgt Mularkey Mud Flap – Sgt Raider Malcolm in the Middle – 1Sgt Funk DadJoke – Sgt Jackson Inches Short – Sgt Guarnere Dogwood - Sgt Lambert Flight Nurse – Pvt Miller Finished with 44 bear complexes and 1 for the ranger in the sky done between partners.

If you get a chance this week ask one of these guys about the men they researched. Powerful examples of how to live 3rd.

It was an honor to lead and be led. FN

Total count: 3

PAX: Munster, Worms

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmarama SSH Seal claps Forward lunges Squats Reverse Lunges Arm circles Raise the roofs Trunk twists Apple pickers

Thing 1 - Pyramid Pull-ups : 1 pull-up / 5 dips 2 pull-ups/ 5 dips 3 pull-ups / 5 dips 4 pull-ups/ 5 dips 5 pull-ups / 5 dips 4 pull-ups/ 5 dips 3 pull-ups/ 5 dips 2 pull-ups/ 5 dips 1 pull-ups/ 5 dips

Thing 2 - Mary 6 sets of core exercises

We mosied approximately 1.5 miles

Total count: 65

PAX: Snooki, Onset, Crash Test, Mudflap, Dad Joke, MalcolmInTheMiddle, Beetlejuice, Snowman, FIZZ, Gravity, Beater, Pumpkin Pie Chart, blood donor, Slider, Kodak (Charlotte Metro), niles, hoveround, Sparky, last, Flight Nurse, Gump, Pledge, Busted Grill, Chop Shop, Dialtone, Mankini, Atomic Wedgy, Vogue, R-X, R2, Moab, Matthew (Kiss Cam), Kramer, Chernobyl, Milton, Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder), DadBod, McFly, Pixel Pusher, Beauty, Vandelay, Wipeout, Kitty Litter (S.Cary), Inches Short, Jingle, Crockett, GAAP (F3Metro), Duty (Scott Nelson), The Mountie, Jolly Green Giant

FNGs: PowerStroke

Other PAX: Dark Helemt, Scratch-N-Win, Blackdog, Pork Chop, Skoal Bandit, Torpedo, GreatWolf, Fusion, Elsa, Legoman, spark plug, Mindcraft,

As we mark the 10-year Anniversary of F3CapeFear, let's take a moment to reflect on the journey we've shared. Through the challenges, victories, joy, and unity, we've grown more vigorous in body and spirit. Each early morning workout wasn't just a task but a testament to our dedication to ourselves and each other.

As we move forward from this milestone, let's carry the memories of the bonds we've forged and the hurdles we've cleared. Let's keep pushing our limits, knowing that we can achieve remarkable things together.

May the spirit of F3CapeFear continue to inspire us to be better men and to make a positive impact in our community. Here's to many more years of brotherhood, growth, and success. Let's keep pushing, keep striving, and always remember the lessons learned during these past 10 years as we continue our journey of growth and impact.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to the 10-year planning team for accompanying me on this journey and for sharing the passion to ensure the success of this weekend.

I love all of you!

Humbly, Buddy the Elf

Total count: 85

PAX: Tiny Dancer, niles, Cherrypicker, Gump, Ugly Stik, AchyBreaky, Redline, DadBod, 10 count, Salty, BoneSpur, SOL, Bambi, WatchDog, Showboat, R-X, mr.kotter, Liberty, Snooki, Under Siege, Kramer, ballbearing, Chop Shop, Milton, Captain Jack, RoundUpOne, Wipeout, Crockett, Aquaman, Allman Joy, GAAP (F3Metro), Sparky, Rotor, WNBA, Jingle, Pony Express, Tuco, DeBardelaben, Inches Short, East, Dad Joke, Bartman, morpheus, Chattahoochee, Magnito, Wapner, Dixie Chick, Pixel Pusher, sir_mix_a_lot, Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder), last, Dollarweed, donut, THE HOFF, The Alchemist, Beaker, SEAHORSE, Pledge, GTA, Kitty Litter (S.Cary), Kodak (Charlotte Metro), Linguini, Tombstone, The Flying Wasp, Brick City, hoveround, Vandelay, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Busted Grill, R2, Leroy Brown, Hoosier Daddy, Tom Sawyer, Steak Knives, Trump, Teach, Heisenberg, Gravity, The Mountie, Buddy the Elf

FNGs: Greenacres, Tinker-Toy

Other PAX: Skoal Bandit

What are you going to do today to start "Giving it Away"?

Do you remember your F3 Proud Papa? Who was the man in your life who introduced F3 to you and brought you out to your first Post? Do you remember what he said to you that first time?

Now ask yourself: when was the last time you EH'd someone in your life?

A couple of tips from Dale Carnegie: 1: Become genuinely interested in the listener 2: Smile! 3: Get his name, remember it, and use it 4: Be a good Listener - encourage him to talk about himself 5: Talk in terms of his interests, if you don't know his interests...ask! 6: Make him feel important - and do it sincerely

FNGs are always important especially for the next 10-years! Aye!

See you in the gloom

Love you, EPO

Total count: 6

PAX: 10 count, Pledge, Rotor, Magnito, Beaker

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmarama SSH Pebble Pickers Michael Phelps Raise the Roof

Thing 1 Using slosh pipes and in a line drill fashion we crossed the parking lot in 5 rounds doing 20 sets at each end.

  1. 100 curls doing front carries across the lot
  2. 100 shoulder presses doing front to back carries
  3. 100 bench press doing over head carries
  4. 40 skull crushers doing free carry of your choice

Thing 2 To the bleachers. Yoke carry through the bleachers with 10 weighted squats at the end. We did rounds of this until 6:15.

Thanks for hanging in the gloom with me this morning. Strong work in the light drizzle. And a special thanks to everyone for not dropping pipes today so no penalty burpees...real special thanks for that!!

Congratulations and good luck to Beaker for his HS graduation tonight.

Total count: 6

PAX: Pixel Pusher, Bartman, hoveround, WNBA

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Tonka - F3 Greenville, and Skeeter

A few warmaramas then we hit the Mall Walkers loop for our victory lap parade. Cheers from the crowd were a little overwhelming and we have all been fist pumping all week over our amazing come from behind Cool Runnings Championship with 119 PAX! We even had Tonka F3 Greenville fly in for the event. And believe it or not he is an F3 Cape Fear founding father as he was here when the first Cape Fear F3 flags were planted 10 years ago! He said to say hi to LETC, EPO, The Hoff, Heisenberg, & Ugly Stik. We got in 4+ miles and a nice rain blessing for the first mile. Everyone got their money’s worth. Prayers for Bartmans fam, 10 year reunion starts manana!

Total count: 7

PAX: last, Dixie Chick, Vandelay, Gump, Jingle, Burning Man

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None


The Thang: 80TH ANNIVERSARY June 6, 2024 is the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy by Allied forces during WWII. FOR TIME: 1 MILE RUCK 80 RUCK SQUATS 80 PUSH-UPS (Slick) 80 RUCK DEADLIFTS 80 RUCK OVERHEAD SHOULDER PRESS 1 MILE RUCK

COT Name-o-rama Announcements

  • 10 year! Prayer Requests
  • Burning Man shared the passing of a preacher from cancer, was able to hold a church service 5 days before his passing! Prayer

"They gave their tomorrows for our todays."

Total count: 5

PAX: Bambi, R-X, Liberty, R2

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Man, I'll tell you what...those impropQ's, are always the best.

we did a nice long warmerama then moseyed to middle school.

We knocked out 11's, merkins and big boys.

The we threw the frisbee, football and basketball at targets...each with there own workouts. The better you threw your ball the easier the beatdown. Most of the time we couldn't even hit the wall!

We finished up with 25 dips, while your partner hangs from a tree limb (it's hard). cadence was 200 dips.

Mortal Kombat is back!!!

Total count: 8

PAX: Hoosier Daddy, Rawhide, COOKIE, Redline, Tombstone, Matt Foley, Hammer Head

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Mission / Principles / Credo / Disclaimer

Warmarama SSH x 10 Shoulder stretch SSH x 10 Dark Troopers SSH x 10 Gravel pickers SSH x 10

Count-o-rama: 8

Satellite Run around Drip to pull-up bars

The Thang

Set 1: Lean Explosion; 30s work, 15s rest Bonnie Blairs Twinkle Toes High Knees Jump Squats 3 minutes each cycle x 3 = 9 minutes

Set 2: Plyo Set 3 sets of each exercise; 30s work, 15s rest 2 groiners and a jump squat Plank Jacks J-Los Shoulder Taps 3 minutes each cycle x 3 = 9 minutes

Set 3: Chest, Tri, Back, Shoulders; 30s work, 15s rest Ranger Merkin Diamond Merkin Pull Ups Carolina Dry Docks 3 minutes each cycle x 3 = 9 minutes

Satellite Run around Drip back to AO

Countarama: 8


Circle of Trust Affordable Thursday meet casual Thursday Starbucks 0515 OG Friday 530 Baywatch sat 6-8 All eagles on IR or not

It was an honor and privilege to Q.

Total count: 6

PAX: morpheus, Special K, R-X, Tom Sawyer, hoveround

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

3 ran and 3 rucked. Three runners ran around a neighborhood. Stopped at a mini park to do bench dips, push-ups, and step-ups the ruckers did there thing.

Prayed for Morpheus dad, the teachers and students for a safe summer, start to a new school year in the fall, support each other.

Total count: 6

PAX: Chop Shop, Vandelay, Buddy the Elf, Bedlam, Billy Mays

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None


Mosey to beach with sandbag

The Thang: D-Day GoRuck Challenge: 82nd Airborne 8 Rounds: 8 sandbag front toss 20 sandbag plank pulls 8 burpees over sandbag 200m sandbag shoulder carry


Mosey back to AO

COT Name-o-rama Announcements Stealing of the Empie Flag Prayer

Last challenge to honor the 80th anniversary of D-Day is tomorrow in Downtown Wilmington! Come on out!

Total count: 12

PAX: Crockett, Dixie Chick, Jingle, NAPA, Pixel Pusher, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Steak Knives, Doubtfire, Kopi Luwak, Salty, Hahvard

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Chain Breaker Hillbilly's Shoulder Press

Mosey to Ninja course 100-Merkins 200-Flutter Kicks 300- Squats Run around the BB court

Mosey to Pull-up Bars

11's Leg Lifts and merckins on fence

25 Dips while your partner hangs 200

BB court Bobby H 25 Calf raises 25 Big Boys 25 Planks

Total count: 9

PAX: Pledge, Under Siege, Bing, Matthew (Kiss Cam), GTA, Dollarweed, The Alchemist, 10 count

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm up:

Seal claps Chain Breakers Mountain Climbers SSH

Thang: Mosey to shelter DORA 100 - Merkins 200 - Step ups 300 - LBC’s

Mosey to soccer field

Small sided soccer to round out the day.


Prayers/Praises for Sparky SIL procedure success and recovery

10 Year anniversary this weekend

Honored to lead


Total count: 6

PAX: Southie, Doubtfire, morpheus, SOL, hoveround

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Mission Principles


24 seal claps 8 Soulja boys 8 chainbreakers 24 SSH


The Thang 4 mile run around UNCW campus Ruck Option

Countarama Namearama CoT Prayer

Total count: 12

PAX: Crockett, Tom Sawyer, Jingle, RoundUpOne, NAPA, El Gato, R-X

FNGs: Kojak, Pikachu, Sunkist

Other PAX: Shoelace

traditional F3 Warmup

main Thang 40-30-20-10 merkins-big boys-squats run laps between rounds 4-3-2-1

finish with PAX led Mary

welcome FNG’S Kojak, Sunkist, and Pikachu. Strong work this morning!

share a smile out there, you never know who's day you will brighten.

Cheers to El Gato for leading the charge at the Spartan.

Total count: 12

PAX: Pledge, GTA, Inches Short, Rotor, The Alchemist, blood donor, It Wasnt Me, Kopi Luwak, Milton, WNBA

FNGs: Beaker

Other PAX: None

EC: Tabata, Rotor and BD joined at the end!

Warmorama: -just some directions

Thang 1: the Tortuga 5k -runners one way and Ruckers the other. It’s a race to get 3 miles in. Ribbons to 1,2, and 3 in each division. 3 loops around the park! Ruck division:

  1. Inches Short-under 30 mins!
  2. 10-Count
  3. Blood Donor


  1. Pledge
  2. Kopi
  3. Rotor

Prayer Requests: -Give us the strength to bear the weight of these moments! THE Goat! Wapners wife continued healing. My work!

Announcements: -F3 Cape Fear 10 year Anniversary: 6/7, 6/8 and 6/9. Mark your calendar!

Habitat: -usually the 4th Saturday of each month from 7:45am to 2:00pm. -Next one: 6/15/24 -location/task: 6/15 is going to be trusses at 1017 S 11th Street.

Tobytalk: -Every Thursday at 6:30pm -A place to unburden the soul and grow stronger with your brothers. -Location this week: Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn on Oleander.

Reminder: “We are interdependent. We need one another and only with and for one another can we thrive!”