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Total count: 9

PAX: Steak Knives, Flight Nurse, Leroy Brown, Milton, Dixie Chick, Tom Sawyer, GTA, blood donor

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

EC: 3 mile ruck with Dixie and Milton

Warmorama: Chain breakers SSH 50 Imperial walkers

Thang 1: Mule Ruck -load up with 80-100 and three logs. Simple goal to stick together and get around the whole 1.5 mile loop. Trade at the 1/4 mile mark.

Prayer Requests: -Give us the strength to bear the weight of these moments! THE Goat! Pom Pom.

Announcements: The Goat : April 27, 2024 starting at 7:00am at Long Leaf Park by the restrooms where the LLP workouts always start. Meet at 6:15am at Ogden Park to car pool over to LLP. This will be a convergence abridged beatdown. Then ruck to Wrightsville beach park for short beatdown then ruck to Ogden park to finish. Coupons, beer and patches will be present and we will be Goat inspired!

-F3 Cape Fear 10 year Anniversary: 6/7, 6/8 and 6/9. Mark your calendar!

-4/1/24 F3 Cape Fear Foundation scholarship application went out. $3,000 this year! DM me for the application! Last day to turn it in is 5/1/24.

Habitat: -moving to the 4th Saturday of each month from 7:45am to 2:00pm. -Next one: 5/26/24 -location/task: TBA

Tobytalk: -Every Thursday at 6:30pm -A place to unburden the soul and grow stronger with your brothers. -Location next week: TBA

Reminder: “ It is physically impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same moment. So….what are you thankful for!”

Total count: 6

PAX: Pledge, Dollarweed, Magnito, The Alchemist

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm-a-Rama = side straddle hops, air squats, Mike Tyson’s

Mosey to the baseball fields doing a reverse catch me if you can. Where the runners in the front would do lunges at each speed bump until the 6 passed us by 20 yards then rinse and repeat.

In honor of a memory from some of my earlier months of being a part of this tribe, we did a workout that @venus led where we did 21 reps of merkins at the flag pole then ran to the edge of the parking lot and did 21 side straddle hops. Then 20 reps, then 19 reps, etc. all the way to 1 rep. (However, we ran out of time and couldn’t finish this due to time.)

COT- the usual announcements that you’ve been hearing about for weeks, GOAT ruck, 10 year, etc.

Prayer Requests: my 2.0 Josiah (Bill Billacheater), who heads off to NC State, praying he is ready for what awaits him there. Similarly, @magnito’s 2.0 is graduating from college and is moving off to Colorado to work for the D.O.J. Look out world. Here they come!!!

Total count: 6

PAX: Bartman, Drip, E6, morpheus, Salty

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm Up 12- Seal claps 15- Mamba Nightclub 20- Side Straddle Hop 15- Chain Breakers

The Thang

11-1 Dips and Chin ups

Basketball Courts Around the way:

Round 1 Legs: Squats, Alt Lunges, Alt Squats, Calf Raises (2) Rounds Timer- must make 4 layups each baskets

Round 2 Chest: Merlin's, One Leg Merkins, Hand Release Merkins, Shoulder Press

Round 3 Abs: Flutter Kicks, Big Boys, Heels to Heaven and 6 inches

3 way basket to basket passes making layups at end

Merry for each 10 Burpees 15 American Hammers 15 Jlow's 20 Merckins

Total count: 13

PAX: Hoosier Daddy, Jingle, Blackout, Redline, DadBod, Onset, Gumby, Stouffers, Teachers Pet, Matt Foley, The Mountie, Hammer Head

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

The lucky 13 at Casual Friday for a run/walk/ruck combo. Unfortunately it might be our last day at Starbucks as Hammerhead could have gotten us all banned for life. Please reach out to him for details. Great to see DadBod down south again at his first ever Casual Friday. Have a great weekend boys! ????????

Total count: 4

PAX: Inches Short, R-X, Ta-Da

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

warmerama: SSH, stretch, chain breakers, toy soldiers

The thang: Shot the arrows at the box for a Mulligan while during curls (rx)

Chipped a sandwedge into a laundry basket ????. LBC. (Crockett)

Knockout for Mulligan and squats(inches short)

bear crawl cone race for Mulligan (inches short)

Gaga ball for Mulligan (tada)

finally disc throw to open hole for birder Mulligan (inches short)

Great times at the pre Arrowhead Masters Mulligan extravaganza

Total count: 10

PAX: Sister Act, Pixel Pusher, BoneSpur, NAPA, Goober, Blue Steel, SOL, Dollarweed, Steak Knives

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm Up: side straddle hop, chain breakers Run: 4.25 mi 9:41 min pace COT: Prayers for male leadership, safe travels, losses, struggles

Total count: 11

PAX: 10 count, Atomic Wedgy, GTA, Inches Short, Pledge, Wapner, GEN-X, Dalton

FNGs: Boogie

Other PAX: Total Eclipse

Not Fans of Yacht Rock


    ◦    Abe Vigodas     ◦    SSH     ◦    Hillbillies     ◦    Big Arm Circles     ◦    Little Arms Circles     ◦    Copperhead squats

Main Thing:

Exercises: Kettlebell  curls & squats Kettlebell waiter press & merkins Kettlebell chest press & LBCs Kettlebell rows & Kettlebell March

Pax would perform kettlebell exercise and then run to the other end of the parking lot to perform the second exercise. Reps were 10,20,30 and sometimes 20,30,40.


Yacht rock (originally known as the West Coast sound or adult-oriented rock is a broad music style and aesthetic commonly associated with soft rock, one of the most commercially successful genres from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. Drawing on sources such as smooth soul, smooth jazz, R&B, and disco,common stylistic traits include high-quality production, clean vocals, and a focus on light, catchy melodies.The term yacht rock was coined in 2005 by the makers of the online video series Yacht Rock, who connected the music with the popular Southern Californian leisure activity of boating. It was considered a pejorative term by some music critics.Prominent artists that have been labeled "yacht rock" include Christopher Cross, the Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Rupert Holmes, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Toto, and Supertramp. PAX of F3 Cape Fear’s Thursday Thunder Workout were not fans of the Yacht Rock playlist provided by the Q.

Total count: 8

PAX: Jingle, Special K, mr.kotter, Drip, Tom Sawyer, hoveround, last

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

a brief and slow warmup occurred

ruckers set forth with a sack of extra burden. all shared in the joy with some time spent on "the hill". excellent chatter ensued.

runners went fast and made it back exactly at 6:14 as prescribed.

we missed the rain, as usual.

Prayers for PomPom and family. He likely has an ulcer from using ibuprofen to manage back pain. he is in the hospital as of yesterday, and received a blood transfusion. They will scope his stomach today to try and find the source of bleeding. Looking forward to seeing my friend back in the gloom.

grateful for you all, DB

Total count: 4

PAX: Crockett, Allman Joy, R-X

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

WARMARAMA Seal Claps, Goofballs, Chain Breakers, Little Baby Arm Circles


EMOM for 10 min- 10 Merkins, 10 Big Boys, 10 Squats

Multiple games of Knockout and other basketball games (21, last person to make a 3) when you got knocked out you did exercises on the side)

COT Arrowhead masters, GOAT ruck. Prayers for control over emotions and setting good examples for 2.0 and others.

Total count: 7

PAX: Snooki, Bob Dole, Onset, Ta-Da, Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder), Curfew

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

A wet and windy return to Crystal Pier for Poseidon's Playground but 7 Pax came out to increase their flexibility. Yoga and some mobility was done and we look forward to having more and more pax come out next Thursday!

Total count: 7

PAX: Under Siege, DadBod, Sparky, The Alchemist, GTA

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Total Eclipse

Started with a Warmorama, merkins, plank jacks, copper head squats, and ssh. Mosey to the parking lot and played some ultimate ball using a semi deflated black kick ball.

Total count: 7

PAX: 10 count, Buddy the Elf, Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder), Slider, Ta-Da

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Meat

3 for Sandman EC! (Flight Nurse, 10 Count, Inches Short)

We swung through the Hero WOD Snowbird: Dedicated to Capt. Jennifer Casey of Halifax, Nova Scotia who lost her life in the Snowbirds crash on Sunday, May 17th, 2020.

AMRAP in 22 minutes 35 Kettlebell Swings (50 lb) 9 Burpees 35 Air Squats 8 Push-Ups

Cash-Out: 431 Single-Unders

Flight Nurse headed out as the regularly scheduled event began, THE CHIEF RUCK!

Warm-o-rama Count-o-rama

The Thang: Pax rucked up then partnered up and shared a sandbag. Partner 1 completes 3 SB Clean & Jerks, once completed Partner 2 picks up sandbag and starts rucking. Partner 1 then completes 6 Heels to Heaven, 9 Walking Lunges, and double times it to catch Partner 2. Once P1 makes it to P2, P2 completes 3 SB Clean & Jerks, once completed Partner 1 picks up sandbag and starts rucking. Partner 2 then completes 6 Heels to Heaven, 9 Walking Lunges, and double times it to catch Partner 1. .....and so on

Wahlburger and Slider had to depart early, which triggered an audible for Thang 2!

Thang 2: With 5 remaining we rotated through SB Clean & Jerks on the 3 sandbags for 1 min, then shared the load for 3 minutes rucking, rinse and repeat until we made it back to the AO

50 Ring of Fire ruck merkins 100 Ring of Fire ruck chest press Then some MARY, rotating through a movement called by each PAX

Name-o-rama Count-o-rama COT


Then 3 for 2nd F coffeteria at The Workshop.

Total count: 10

PAX: Tiny Dancer, SOL, Steak Knives, Kopi Luwak, NAPA, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Salty, Washed Up

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Fetish

Today, one of our greatest pound-for-pound actors had a birthday. Steven Seagal turned 71. His acting career spans over 30 years and includes such hits as "Killing Salazar, "Marked for Death, " and my personal favorite, "Today You Die." We probably did more burpees today than he has done his entire life, but I have respect for the acting chops.


Shoulder Circles Air Presses Gravel Pickers x 10 IC Imperial Walkers x 10 IC Seal Clap x 20 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the tennis courts

Bear Crawl Shuffle

Pax all took turns bear crawling to the benches; I mean sideline and back while we did the below exercises

Low Plank High Plank Burpees Alarm Clocks

Merry Go Round - Perform an exercise in each corner and run a lap

Burpees x 10 Ranger Merkins x 20 Jump Squats x 30 Plank Jacks x 40

Al Gore Relay

We split up and had a relay race doing Al Gore until every Pax raced to the benches and back.

Mosey to the parking lot

Merkinfest - Tempo style (3 count down, 1 count up)

Irkins x 10 IC Merkins x 10 IC Derkins x 10 IC

Burp and Jack

Burpees with ascending plank jacks to 40

Jailbreak to the flag


Little Baby Bridges x 10 IC Heals to Heaven x 20 IC - Compliments of Napa


The Goat April 27, 2024, Meet at 7:00 a.m. at Long Leaf Park. Meet early at 6:15 a.m. at Ogden Park to carpool to LLP.

Washed Up—I don't know how you rebounded from getting dressed as Boy George at that age, but you did. Impressive!

Steak Knives - I can't see you as Boy George, George Michael maybe, but not Boy George

Tiny Dancer - You're a Kenny Rodgers guy with that beard

Fetish - You just made the top ten list for F3 names. Congratulations!

Salty - It's not a bad name, but it's just not as impressive as Fetish, Meat, or Moist.

Napa - I appreciate the callout for that first Little Baby Bridge rep. I just let myself get out of timeout.

SOL - Apparently, people vacationing in Costa Rica get better tans than people on Carnival Cruises

Kopi Luwak - So you were named after a coffee?

Pumpkin Pie Chart - We must get a beer in "The Hood" sometime.

Time for lunch, see you later, DC

Total count: 3

PAX: Hoosier Daddy, Onset

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None


THE THANG 200 high knees 5 merkins 75 SSH 30 lunges 15 burpees 40 squats Run to lamp post and back 100 flutter kicks 90 leg raises 80 jumping jacks 70 sit-ups 60-second plank Run to lamp post and back 50 arm and leg raises 40 bicycle crunches Run to lamp post and back Circle back up for: get-down-get up, get-down-get-up, get-down-get-up. Sprint to lamp post and back. 10 merkins. Get-down-get-up, get-down-get-up, get-down-get-up. Sprint to lamp post and back. 5 merkins. Finit.

COT Prayers for Onset's cousin's family in the wake of several recent deaths. Prayers for listening, patience and presence. Prayers for all who suffer in body or mind. Onset took us out in prayer. Poem of the Post: "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke:

The whiskey on your breath
Could make a small boy dizzy;
But I hung on like death:
Such waltzing was not easy.

We romped until the pans
Slid from the kitchen shelf;
My mother’s countenance
Could not unfrown itself.

The hand that held my wrist
Was battered on one knuckle;
At every step you missed My right ear scraped a buckle.

You beat time on my head
With a palm caked hard by dirt,
Then waltzed me off to bed
Still clinging to your shirt.


Total count: 6

PAX: Pledge, Under Siege, Kopi Luwak, blood donor, Chop Shop

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

EC: 3.5 mile interval ruck with BD

Warmorama: Gravel Pickers SSH 50 Seal claps 50 Hop press 50

Thang 1: Rocky some more! -Ruckers and runners each get a partner. One runs or rucks as fast as they can around the parking lot while the other jumps rope until they get back. Try to get as many laps as possible! At end Ruckers head out to get under a 15 minute mile while runners raced opposite directions of their partner to race for the fastest mile. Solid 2.5ish miles and heart rates were up!

Prayer Requests: -Give us the strength to bear the weight of these moments! THE Goat! Balance! Praise for Chops daughter’s safe mission trip return and Sieges dad’s eyes improving!

Announcements: The Goat : April 27, 2024 starting at 7:00am at Long Leaf Park by the restrooms where the LLP workouts always start. This will be a convergence abridged beatdown. Then ruck to Wrightsville beach park for short beatdown then ruck to Ogden park to finish. Coupons will be present and we will be Goat inspired!

-F3 Cape Fear 10 year Anniversary: 6/7-6/8. Mark your calendar!

-4/1/24 F3 Cape Fear Foundation scholarship application went out. $3,000 this year! DM me for the application! Last day to turn it in is 5/1/24.

Habitat: -moving to the 4th Saturday of each month from 7:45am to 2:00pm. -Next one: 5/26/24 -location/task: TBA

Tobytalk: -Every Thursday at 6:30pm -A place to unburden the soul and grow stronger with your brothers. -Location this week: Wilmington Brewing Company 824 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403. Grimburger will be there!

Reminder: “ It is physically impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same moment. So….what are you thankful for!”

Total count: 14

PAX: morpheus, Pixel Pusher, Jingle, Tiny Dancer, mr.kotter, DadBod, hoveround, Steak Knives, Bartman, E6, Dollarweed, Tom Sawyer, Allman Joy

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Skeeter

9 Runners and 5 Ruckers did their thing. Runners looped down to LLP GoosePoop then out the back gate through the LLHills and cut thru the Muni and back up Wallace for 4.4 mi or more. Prayers for Larry, Hov’s pops in law and Dadbods folks. Congrats to Heisenberg and Pony Express for completing the Umstead 100!! Strong work men!

Total count: 4

PAX: Magnito, Rip Rap, OTC

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

We did some quick warmups and then proceeded to do a lot of reps - up and down the ladder.

Round 1 We did 10 Merkins, ran to the other side of the parking lot, did 10 BBSUs, then ran back. We then did the same thing but doing 20 reps instead of 10 reps. Then did 30 reps. Then did 40 reps. Then did 30 reps. Then did 20 reps. Then did 10 reps.

Round 2 We did the same thing but instead of Merkins and BBSUs, we did Squats/Jump Squats and Shoulder Taps/American Hammers.

COT We prayed for Magnito's wife, who was having a job interview and for OTC who is trying to hire some new techs. We also prayed for Rip Rap's friend, who has struggled with alcohol abuse.

Total count: 16

PAX: Kramer, Whaler, hooch, THE HOFF, Matt Foley, R-X, donut, Hoosier Daddy, Special K, Tombstone, EPO, Hammer Head, Rawhide, Redline, Teachers Pet

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

13 runners led by EPO and The Hoff left promptly on time in a single file line towards the state park. 3 ruckers rucked to the fitness trail. All converged back to the den for 6:15. Many were tired after staying up to watch Uconn win their 6th National Championship since 1999….It was great seeing such a large group of men out in the gloom down at the lion. Matt Foley lead us in prayer! Appreciate you all getting after it today.

Total count: 6

PAX: Snooki, Crockett, Captain Jack, Dogwood, Sister Act

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

WARMARAMA SSH, Toy Soilders, Gravel Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Straight Leg Bear Crawls, Wall Angel's.

THE THANG Run around the track and did 5 burpees at each corner. Ran around the track inline and tossed the ball to the person behind. Every drop was an additional burpee (I think we got up to 6)

11s - Merkins, Bear Crawl to other side, squats, then yog back.

MARY Heels to heaven, Flutter kicks, LBCs, Freddie Mercury's, leg up side Crunches, Hello Dollies

COT Quote of the day from Q-Source-

"Hard looks and straight talk (tempered by love) get results."

Announcements- GOAT Ruck, Arrowhead masters, 10 year anniversary. Prayers- Crocket's neck, Dogwood's back and praises that his daughter is recovering well. Continued prayers for her recovery, Steelplates had back surgery, prayer for recovery. Wheels on the bus mother passed away, prayers for peace and healing for family.

Total count: 12

PAX: Busted Grill, Tartan

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Pez, CashOnly, inches short, inspector gadget,cola, da rock, mint julip, chips, torpedo, nomad

Started with simple, loose and organic stretching while telling jokes to lighten our hearts for the day ahead. Busted Grill missed his calling as a comedian.

Proceeded to form battle buddy teams of two where we did a jog about the hood, getting to know our battle buddies, and reconvened back to share with the group while pulling off isometrics and side straddle hope until everyone was represented.

A couple of team oriented exercises: as many merkins possible in 3 minutes, tag team style with our battle buddy. Go as hard as you can as long as you can so your battle buddy doesn’t suffer it. Inevitably, we each needed the battle buddy to carry over when we got tired. I asked all the local bugs to come and bite and annoy to try and get us to quit, but nobody did.

Sprints with our battle buddies, running from one side to the other hard enough to empty the gas tank, once again battle buddy picking up the slack when the other was exhausted and continuing for 3 minutes.

Calisthenics in a circle led by yhc: the “never give up” archer merkins for 45 seconds, plus 45 second tabatas of various leg and core exercises: seated in and outs, single leg Romanian dead lifts, and more.

Completed the mind body spirit workout with yhc’s “word salad” game. Looking  deeper into a word’s meaning by finding hidden representations of it, and then applying it to the theme of the day. Want to know the recent word, you just join yhc for a beat down :)


Inches short father in law Pez’s daughter Steel plates: we missed you! - but home already from surgery! tough guy. ???? Yesterday the real test began. We’ll be there for you. Inspector gadget friends Nancy and chuck Busted grille - airplanes arent crashing now for three weeks. Thanks for pointing that out ???? Torpedo daughter Rebecca in Taiwan

Yhc owes 20 burpees for messing up the closing video. Thanks to Torpedo for letting me use his phone and for remaining kind when I accidentally skipped him at the end. (I forgot who I started on)

(This backblast was a day late. I was grinding from 4:45 am until 10:30 and when I went to post this my phone kept failing and I accidentally fell asleep and didn’t even know it)

From Tuesdays beat down

Total count: 8

PAX: Inches Short, Pumpkin Pie Chart, 10 count, Pledge, The Alchemist, EOM

FNGs: Eclipse

Other PAX: None

Warmup Move to good concrete

Sun salutations SSH Imp Walkers Chain Breakers

Thang 1

11s BBS & Heels to heaven

Move: Bear crawls under rope jungle gym

Thang 2

DORA 100 > 150 > 250 J-Lo's > American Hammers > LBCs

Quick Mary of Assorted Workouts


-Goat Ruck 4/27 -Cape Fear 10 year Celebration 6/7-6/9 -Cape Fear F3 Scholarship Applications Welcomed

Praises and Prayers:

Inches' FILs surgery went well

-- We had an FNG show up courtesy of @flight nurse! Welcome Eclipse! Strong Work!????

Total count: 6

PAX: Kramer, Allman Joy, Special K, hoveround, R-X

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

6 Ruckers navigated the gloomy river road path to the new section of Vic RiverLights. 2.25mi total.

Prayers for Steel Plates, GOAT, and the PAX of the Region

Total count: 5

PAX: Drip, RoundUpOne, Bartman, E6

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmorama Sidestraddle Hop Flutter Kick Copperhead Squat Arm Circles Plus

Mosey to track FILTHY 50 10 mountain Climber (double count) 10 Kobe Bryant 10 hand release merkins 10 tuck jumps 10 walking lunges (double count) Run lap Repeat 5x

Mosey back to AO Mamba Duck Duck Goose.
Just like it sounds but with OYO exercises and bonus chasing.

Total count: 13

PAX: Steak Knives, SEAHORSE, Jingle, Slider, GEN-X, Pixel Pusher, Mile High, Flight Nurse, Leroy Brown, Goldfinger

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Lu-owl, Two-koe

A line of Kettle stations facing each other(red rover style), roughly 30-40 yards apart. One person pulls the sled to the other side, station two jumps on the sled and the guy who was sledding goes to station 6. All others continue the workout at their station until the sled gets to their side. 40 min.

The workout Station 1: sled 100lbs Station 2: kettle clean and press Station 3: kettle squat, press Station 4: bent over rows Station 5: kettle, American hammers Station 6: Station 7: clean, jerk, press

Total count: 20

PAX: McFly, Busted Grill, THE HOFF, DadBod, F3-Hacker, blood donor, Vogue, Peanut, 10 count, Blue Steel, Jingle, Duty (Scott Nelson), Onset, Flight Nurse, Magnito, Milton, R-X

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Liberty and Super Mario

The Wojo shuffle x 20 Good Mornings x 5 Arm Circles x 10 and reverse Chain Breakers x 10 World’s Greatest Stretch

Grab the flag and form 2 columns.

NASCAR to the Echo Chamber flags stay at the front.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes for 3 minutes. 30 second intervals. Alternating taps starting with your head, shoulders, elbows, waist, knees, then toes.

Form back up into 2 columns.

NASCAR to the Beach through Tower 7 access.

Burpee intervals.

Starting at the first access point north of Tower 7, line up. When the Q says go, everyone sprints to the next access point and completes 10 burpees. Hold Al Gore for the 6. Rinse and repeat for 5 access points. Turn around and repeat at each access until we return to our starting location. Instead of sprinting, turn around and back pedal.


Squat Jumps and T Hand Release Merkins. MOT: bear crawl to the water and crab walk back towards the dunes.

Regroup at 0745 and NASCAR back to the AO.

At the gazebo at the corner of the park, hold everyone back. Give 2 fast guys the flags and start a braveheart run to the basketball courts.

Finish up with 10 merkin motivators.

6th man: Jingle shared his F3 journey with the group.

COT: prayers for GOAT. Reminders about Cape Fear 10 year weekend. Reminders about The GOAT ruck. T claps to Liberty and Super Mario for hanging with us today. Welcome to Hacker from Cornelius.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today. Steak Knives out

Total count: 7

PAX: OTC, Chardonnay, Pledge, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Surf Pacer, Cabana Boy

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warm-o-rama: SSH x 20 IC, gravel pickers x 10 IC, Imperial Walkers x 10 IC, raise the roof x 10 IC

The Thang: 4 exercise Tabata with 8 rounds for each exercise - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Our 4 exercises were Curls, Squats, chest press, and alternating rows.

Then we partnered up for a Dora consisting of 100 upright rows, 200 lunges, and 300 LBCs. The partner not doing the exercise ran halfway down the parking lot, did 3 burpees, and ran back to switch with their partner.

COT: Early announcement for the YMCA sprint triathlon in the fall. Praises for Surf Pacer's middle 2.0 who is 6 today. Prayers for GOAT!

Total count: 7

PAX: 10 count, blood donor, Flight Nurse, Busted Grill, niles, DadBod

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

50 SSH 10 Imperial Walkers Plank hold 30 seconds

The Thang:

Mosey to tennis courts


70 ruck merkins - run with ruck / sandbag 70 4x ruck over head flutter kicks - run with ruck / sandbag 120 shoulder press - run with ruck / sandbag 70 butterfly sit ups - run with ruck / sandbag 70 Ruck swings - run with ruck / sandbag

Indian Burden Ruck down main stretch & back to parking lot / ditch


Squats at top of hill

Clean and press bottom of the hill

Bear crawl back up hill


Thank you Niles for serenading us with The Carpenters, your impromptu acapella concerts are always appreciated!

Goat Ruck: April 27 GTE 47 - Richmond, VA

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and be lead. I love all of you.

Total count: 12

PAX: Quinn - The Real One, Dogwood, hoveround, Inches Short, R2, R-X, Washed Up, The Alchemist, F3-Hacker, EOM, Snooki

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmup to Celebrate my 34 years on earth! Seal clap x34 Ass Kickers x34 Merkins x10 Chain Breakers x10 Copperhead Squats x10 Burpees x5

Picked up the log, bag, and cones and mosey to Goose Poop Island. Partnered off into 4 teams of 3.

Rotation Stations with 4 Minutes at each. Competed for points

Station 1: Bear Bag

  • Pax held plank while one partner bear crawled and pulled sandbag between cones. 1 point for each full rotation of PAX.

Station 2: Stair Master

  • Pax did LBC’s while one ran up stairs, did 5 Burpees, and ran back down. 1 point for all 3 PAX completing rotation.

Station 3: Log-O-War

  • 2 teams faced off each round. So 10 Merkins, run to log and then was a Tug-of-War battle! Repeat and count a point for each round won.

Return to AO for report of winning teams

Team 1:11 Team 2: 12 Team 3: 10 Team 4: 3

Team 2 got 2 Mulligans and Team 1 got 1 Mulligan each for the Arrowhead Masters!


  • arrowhead masters 13th
  • Inches: guy in Raleigh has cancer. Man ram.
  • Friend of Crockett has seizure. Justin
  • Hover FIL Larry going thru cancer treatment again.
  • GOAT Ruck April 27.
  • The six: Snooki - SPK EH’d. Fellowship keeps coming out.
  • Cool Runnings in May every Thursday.
  • F3 Scholarship is open
  • 10 Year!

Mulligans Count:

  • Inches short: 5
  • Bedlam: 1
  • Wahlburger: 1
  • RX: 2
  • Washed up: 2
  • R2: 1
  • Quinn: 1


Total count: 20

PAX: blood donor, Sister Act, DadBod, Goober, E6, Atomic Wedgy, Inches Short, Pixel Pusher, Crockett, Blue Steel, Dollarweed, Bartman, The Illustrated Man, Next Year, Jingle, 10 count, R-X, Teach

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Tuco

We missed our good PAX Dogwood, but YHC and Teach stepped up to take the reins!

Teach led the Ruckers on a good Ruck-n-Yuck time based on the Q Source topic of Mammon.

YHC led the runners to the UNCW parking deck where we sprinted and asked the question “Why and for Who do we do this?” Gave our all on one final sprint back off of campus.


  • arrowhead masters 13th
  • Inches: guy in Raleigh has cancer. Man ram.
  • Friend of Crockett has seizure. Justin
  • Hover FIL Larry going thru cancer treatment again.
  • GOAT Ruck April 27.
  • The six Next Year. EH’d by Trump and motivated for family and kids.
  • Cool Runnings in May every Thursday as we take on the Texas squad again!
  • F3 Scholarship is open
  • Wheels on Bus MIL is in hard battle with cancer.


Total count: 22

PAX: morpheus, niles, EOM, R-X, 10 count, Wahlburger(Kyle Kinder), Steak Knives, Tom Sawyer, Slider, Allman Joy, Salty, Sparky, R2, Atomic Wedgy, Bartman, Dollarweed, The Alchemist

FNGs: The Illustrated Man

Other PAX: Tuco, Tony Packo, Boudet

Warm-o-rama: Yoga flow

2 Ruckers departed, 20 pax embarked on a revised bday workout YHC promised to be completed.

The Thang: 36 movements, perform each one for an entire minute, 5 sec rest to get into starting position for next movement. Parking Lot:

  1. Side Straddle Hops
  2. Raise the Roof
  3. High Knees/Butt Kicks
  4. Alternating Stiff Leg Toe Touch
  5. Turkish getups
  6. Shuttle Run
  7. Shoulder taps
  8. Air Squats
  9. Balls to Wall
  10. Walking lunge to picnic table

Picnic Table: 11. Inclined merkin 12. Calf raises 13. Step-ups 14. Mountain Climbers 15. Bulgarian Split Squat 16. Bench Dips 17. Foot release squats 18. Reverse Lunge towards baseball field 19. Inch Worm towards baseball field

Baseball Field 20. Sit-ups 21. Burpees 22. Heels to Heaven 23. Hand-release Merkins 24. Crunches (LBC) 25. Prisoner squats 26. Plank Hold 27. People's Chair or Deep squat 28. Cartwheels (alt: donkey kicks) 29. V-ups 30. 1 min to sprint to pull-up bars

Pull-up Station 31. bar hang 32. hold top of dip 33. Fence jump overs 34. Bobby Hurleys 35. Inverted Rows 36. Knee raises

COT Name-o-rama Count-o-rama FNG Naming:

  • Welcome T.I.M. The Illustrated Man! Announcements:
  • F3 Cape Fear Scholarship
  • April 27th, GOAT ruck
  • May 3-5, GTE-47 in Richmond, VA
  • June 7-9, F3 Cape Fear 10 year anniversary
  • 50-in-10 board presented to YHC (Inches Short) Prayer Requests Prayer

I think that was all, thanks everyone for coming out! SYITG!