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Total count: 8

PAX: Rip Rap, HumpDay, Chardonnay, DemApples, donut, OTC, Nozzle

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Achilles

Warm Up:
Pebble pickers, mountain climbers, runners stretch, more mountain climbers, arm circles.

Thang: Pax line up all complete same rep of exercise, first in line does 3 burpees then runs to next stop and continues doing the same exercise - when pax in front of you finishes burpees next in line starts.

When all pax make it to the next stop switch exercise then first on line does 3 burpees and takes off.

Total mosey was about 1.75 miles exercises were squats, pulse lunges, big boys, lbcs, step ups, Jonny dramas, more squats, Bobby Hurley.

Pax caught a nice sunrise on the marsh dock during the workout.

Bear crawl crowd pleaser in pool parking lot to finish with Carolina dry docks.

Strong work by all!

Prayers for RipRaps brother and a good week for all Pax. Also ripraps 2.0 is babysitting if fellow pax need one.

Total count: 7

PAX: crosswalk, ATARI, Brick City, Drip

FNGs: Alias

Other PAX: Coco (From Churham)

Welcomed F3 Coco from Churham who had a local FNG with him.

We were missing Skillet and Picker.

Warmorama happened - without SSH.

We did a classic SockPuppet downtown workout - whole body, mild sight-seeing, pull ups included, trashed our legs at the end. IYKYK

So much coming up in September - look online and on slack and get involved.

Finished with coffeteria at The Roastery.

Spirit connected me with Coco and FNG Alias this morning - really amazing. Grateful for you guys finding us today.

Total count: 8

PAX: Hammer Head, Lightning, Blackout, Raygo, Birkenstock, Whirligig, Dogwood

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmarama SSH 20x Gravel Pickers 10x Donkey kicks 20 per leg Duck walk around circle - 1x Merkins - 35x

Ruck up and head to the sand

Round 1 Ruck on 1 minute overhead carry 1 minute bear hug carry Ruck off Sandbag Overshoulder 20x Merkin - Bag drag thru 20x

Round 2 Leave ruck Sandbag lunge 20x Burden carry left shoulder back to ruck Sandbag Thrusters 20x Ruck sit-ups 20x

Round 3 Ruck On 1 minute Zercher (front rack) Carry 3 minute burden carry Ruck off Sandbag hop over 20x Ruck sit-ups 20x

Ruck/sandbag walk back to starting point with ruck shuffle mixed in along the way

20 Sandbag getups

Dip in the Atlantic

COT Counterama (in my head - no one was lost!) Namerama Praises and Prayers for Amy Grant, his M and his new 2.0!! We missed you in the gloom brother!

Total count: 10

PAX: letc, King Tut, NAPA, Gump, Goober, flounder, Overbite, Squeegee

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Ramses - F3 Greensboro

Quick warm-up of stretching while I explained the route. It did not venture far from my preblast, which was, run to the north end and try to make it to the Shell Island lollipop, then back to the AO by 0615. But turnaround, where ever you may be, at the 21 minute mark.

I think almost everyone pushed to make it all the way to Shell Island and back. I cannot fault them for hard work and not wanting to quit. However, it did mean we made it back by 0618.... I am sure I'll get my fine in the mail.

Anyhow, great fellowship, strong push from everyone, and a beautiful sunrise. A good way to start the day!

COT - Thank you to Ramses from F3 - Greensboro for joining us this morning while on vacation with the family.


  • Kix

Total count: 10

PAX: Snooki, 9-Ball, niles, Wicked, Sunrise

FNGs: Daniel (Ice-T)

Other PAX: Cola, Pez, Steel Plates, Hahvahd

Warmup: seal claps, Moroccan nightclubs, windmills. copperhead squats The thang: Mosey to the big field. Deck of cards workout. hearts are merkins, diamonds are big boy sit-ups, clubs are sumo squats and spades are jump ups. Each PAX has a few cards we do the exercise the number on the card with 2’s doubling the next card’s reps, 3’s 4 count crab crawls, jacks 10 jack knives, kings make you the Q for whatever you want, aces are 10 of whatever suit the ace is followed by 2 burpees. There were no queens present at this workout. I had to call the exercise and cadence at first, but this is a highly intelligent AO so they were soon proceeding with minimal help from the Q. With intelligence and age often comes rebelliousness so the pace wasn’t always at the aerobic speed the Q invisioned, but everyone was sweaty and grass covered partly because Sunrise got a king card and led us in Superman bananas, the ideal wet grass exercise. ???? Mary: heels to heaven and flutter kicks. COT: Named Daniel from Long Island Ice-T. Prayers especially for Steel Plates sister. Thanks for the opportunity,                                     BG

Total count: 13

PAX: hoveround, Buckeye, Banjo, Pony Express, Circuit breaker (F3 Bruco), Gravity, Goat, Jiffy Pop (JP), Tom Sawyer, Roadie, PomPom, SOL

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

ruckers rucked runners ran

happy birthday to me!

Total count: 8

PAX: 10 count, Pumpkin Pie Chart, Woodchuck, WNBA, Under Siege, 2_Scoops, GTA

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

After the warm-o-rama the ruckers set out around the park and the runners roamed through the neighborhood.

COT: TKO is guest Q'ing Poseidon's Playground on Thursday.

Gains and Growlers at Mad Mole this Friday.

10 Count's 2.0 has the flu.

Total count: 12

PAX: Smuckers, Buckeye, Jingle, earbud, Lazarus, Bait and Switch, Quinn, Bedlam, Snooki, sweatervest, Drip

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmups Seal Jacks x 30 Good Mornings x 5 Toy Soldiers x 10 Mamba Night Clubs x 20 Red Bull Smurf Jacks x 20

Pax will work together to move the sandbag log and 2 water bottles to the basketball courts. 20 burpees if we put the coupons on the ground.

M - Merkins x 24 A - American Hammers x 12 IC M - Man Makers x 12 IC B - BBSU x 24 A - Alternating Shoulder Taps x 12 IC

Continue to move the sandbag log and water bottles to the tennis courts

Plank Hurdles. All pax line up along the sideline of the tennis court in high plank leaving a Pax sized gap between them. The first pc on the left will hurdle each pax in line until he hurdles all pax then returns to high plank on the far right side of the line. Rinse and repeat until the entire line travels around the entire perimeter of all the tennis courts.

Continue to move the sandbag log and water bottles to the corner of Ann Street and 10th Street.

Earbud taught us a lesson that life doesn’t always go as planned for put the water bottles down. 20 burpees we’re done by each pax.

Leap frog Sandbag drag. Form 2 lines. The pax pair at the end of the line will start with the sandbag cluster. They will grab the sandbags and throw them forward to the next set of pax in front of them. After advancing the sandbags, that pair will move to the front of the line and wait for the sandbag to get to them and again thrown the bags to the pax in front of them. Rinse and repeat until we reach the edge of the field. Turn around and repeat movement to the starting point.

Continue to move the sandbag log and water bottles to the AO.

1 more round of MAMBA.

Let a new guy lead. Bedlam led us in a round of Monkey Humpers. He is now a professional. Strong work my friend.

Merkin Motivators

6th Man: Bait and Switch shared his journey of F3 with the group.

COT: prayers for Earbud’s 2.0 Laithan.
Prayers for Bedlam and his M. Prayers for my friend Kenneth.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this group of HIM this morning and to share a bit about GTE. Join us on 9/10 for the Accelerator and on 9// for the 9/11 ruck. Go out and make it a great day today! - Steak Knives out.

Total count: 12

PAX: King Tut, letc, Chinese Downhill, Overbite, wristguard, The Flying Wasp, Hush Money, Clean Cut, tank, Brackish

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Bird nest(Greensboro)

WARMORAMA: Pebble pickers Copperhead squats Monkey humppers SSH

THANG 1: 7’s bunny blairs on one side lunge to the other side of parking lot and did merkins lunge back.

-Indian run around the block 3 burpees along the way

THANG 2: Each Pax assigned an exercise to their parking space and move to next parking space, timer was the last pax bear crawled to side walk and run back.

-Indian run around the block 3 burpees along the way.

THANG 3: Pax formed a circle pax1 throw the soccer ball pax2 ran to get the ball and dribble back with it pax 3 called an exercise until ball was back. 1 full round.

-Indian run around the block 3 burpees along the way. BONUS: Back to a circle we Mary each pax called an exercise. COT

Total count: 3

PAX: Kix, pathfinder

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Barbell Squats 3 x 8-12 Incline Barbell Chest Press 3 x 8-12 Barbell Rows 3 x 8-12 Standing Dumbbell Shrugs 3 x 8-12 Rear Delt Flyes 2x8-12 Lateral Raise 3 x 8-12 Dumbbell Supinating Curls 3 x 8-12 Weighted Dips 3 x 8-12 Seated Calf Raises 3x8-12 Hanging Leg Raises3x8-20

Pushed ourselves with weight and also kept to the minute rest period as best as possible ????????

Total count: 2

PAX: DadBod

FNGs: None

Other PAX: ChickenButt (my 2.0)

out of town 'glamping' on a farm outside Mulberry, NC, couldn't miss my metal monday!

Gravel pickers toy soldiers imperial walkers ssh

overhead carry the kettlebell up the hill from the car.

25 deadlift 25 kbs run down the hill and back up 25 deadlift 25 kbs run down and back 25 squats 25 clean and press each arm run down and back 25 thrusters 25 clean and press each arm run down and back 50 mower pulls each side run down and back

cool down 100 flutter kicks single count.

my 2.0, age 3, had fun with the warmup, got bored with kettlebells (swung some firewood around), and enjoyed chasing DadBod on the hill. at least one uphill lap was a shoulder ride.

cooler temps in the foothills were greatly enjoyed, but a great sweat was nevertheless had.

Total count: 9

PAX: Tom Sawyer, Tiny Dancer, Banjo, Gerber, Jiffy Pop (JP), PomPom, Goat, Doubtfire, SockPuppet

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

4 rounds of lifting heavy bells. a little core action afterwards.

thanks for the brotherhood of F3!

Total count: 7

PAX: Cane Pole, Whirligig, Hoosier Daddy, Gumby, Blackout

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Vice from churham

Remembrance of the glory mornings at screaming Eagle.

Warmarama: SSH in cadence Gravel Pickers in cadence

The Workout:

Mosey to speed bumps 20 merkins and 20 squats alternating each hump 5x

Then Indian Run or Ricky Bobby’s they say in  Churham Over to the pull-up bars. Then we did five rounds at the pull up bars. Five pull ups, 20 LBC‘s, bear crawl to the school wall, then hold balls to the walls for 10 seconds. During this time is when an old lady is walking around the school said as Whirlygig overhead her, “you guys are effing insane”

Then we moseyed over to the mini Evans wall or flamers wall and did one small round of step ups before we had to mosey back to AO

F3 is such a blessing to the Q

Total count: 2

PAX: Clean Cut

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Nice Sunday morning bradley creek stroll

Total count: 5

PAX: Snowman, Beaker, Munster, GeoBach

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None


  1. Goofballs/maniacs/shark claps
  2. Pebble pickers
  3. Trunk twists
  4. Raggedy Ann’s

Thang 1: Snowball fight -2 teams. Each has small stones and big stone. Run small stone to big stone. Shoulder big 5 times then run back. Waiting pax shoulder small stone back and forth. Do until each team member has done the big stone 3 times.

Thang 2: Snowball Dora -100 back and forth over the fence . -200 shoulder press. Partner runs to big stone and shoulders stone. -300 chest press. Partner runs to big stone and shoulders stone.

-2 rounds of PAX delight ab work

Thang 3: snowball run. Indian run with stone up front traded. Do until out of time .

Habitat for Humanity: -usually the 3rd Saturday of each month 7:45am until 2:00pm. -Next on 8/20 -Location/Plan: TBA

Coffeteria: Wednesday right after Stingray and Friday at Doughnut Inn with OTE

Tobytalk: -Thursday at 6:30pm -A chance to unburden your soul and grow with your brothers. -Location this week: TBA

Prayers:Beakers brother, geo possible new job

Reminder: if your going to be dumb… tough!

Total count: 26

PAX: Busted Grill, Blue Steel, Scoober, EOM, WatchDog, Chocolate Box, McFly, Bing, Dixie Chick, Flight Nurse, HairBand, Jewel, Clean Cut, Brick City, 9-Ball, Kix

FNGs: Simply Red, No Quit, Cross Check

Other PAX: Sandbox-Davidson, NC, Princess Peach, Wolfman, Game Cube, Safari, Chase

Warmup: SSH x 30 Good Mornings x 5 Moroccan Night Clubs x 20 Michael Phelps x 10 Toy Soldiers x 10 High Burpknees x 5 Rounds


Mucho Chesto: 10 Crucible Merkins 10 Wide Angle Merkins 10 Regular Merkins 10 Ranger Merkins 10 Diamond Merkins

Mucho Leg-O: 10 Narrow Squats 10 Regular Squats 10 Wide Squats 10 Bonnie Blairs IC 10 Monkey Humpers IC

NASCAR to the Beach

Fire Drill Monkey Rolls PAX in a circle, chopping feet or high knees. Each PAX calls out "Fire" all PAX hits the ground rolls right, merkin, roll back left, another merkin, then back up chopping. Go around the circle with the "stop, drop and roll" until all PAX have called "Fire".

While Pax are doing Fire Drill, 3 pax are in the middle of the circle doing monkey rolls until all pax have completed a round of Fire Drills. 3 pax line up on their 12, shoulder to shoulder with about 1 yard separation between them. Middle pax gets up and jumps over the pax to his right as that pax is rolling to the left. The pax rolling to the left gets up and jumps over the left most pax who is rolling to his right. Rinse and repeat this until Fire Drill is complete.

This one didn’t go quite as planned so we ended early.

Belching: All Pax line up shoulder to shoulder from the dunes to the water facing down the beach. When Q yells Fire, all pax run like hell down the beach until Q yells Hit It. All pax will drop to their 12 and All pax will army crawl to be even with the Q. When Q yells Fire, all pax get up and run down the beach again. Rinse and repeat until the Q is tired

Tunnel of love:

Lt. Get-Ups back to the life guard tower.

Rinse off in ocean. We saw a Seahorse in the water too! Not just any seahorse, F3CapeFear’s Seahorse catching some waves on his board.

NASCAR back to the AO

Hair Band led us in a round of American Hammers. He is now a professional.

Merkin Motivators

FNG naming: Simply Red, No Quit and Cross Check.

COT: Prayers for Gus. Mara and Kenneth. Thank you for 3 incredible years with F3. I hope to make it to legendary status one day like Busted Grill.

Total count: 17

PAX: Banjo, Southie, Space Jam, SOL, Footsie, Jingle, It Wasnt Me, knee high 2, FIZZ, SockPuppet


Other PAX: Wiley, PitStop, HappyFeet, MindBlown, ShowTime, HighTop

Warm o Rama

Mamba Night Clubs Cherry pickers Side straddle hops Toy soldiers Flutter kicks

Mosey to shelter

Dora partner 200 reps to 150 reps to 50 reps Kobe’s (partner runs to field come back and relieve partner)

Dip ups on bench


Mosey to basketball court

Defensive slide 50 LBC Defensive slide 50 SSH Defensive slide 50 Mt. Climbers Defensive slide 50 SSH Defensive slide 50 Big Boy Sit-Up Defensive slide 50 SSH

Q led stretching

Q had to leave at 0745, #HoldOn chant, and team pic.

FIZZ Finisher 10 x 4 shoulder taps 5 merkin IC 3x 10x little baby flutter crunch OYO 10x 4ct bear crawl 5 merkin IC 10x downward dog toe tap 5 merkin IC

NameOrama Announcements: KneeHigh2 backpack give away Aug20 Mamba Week

Honored: Jingle & Banjo completing the Mamba challenge.


Total count: 6

PAX: Doubtfire, sweatervest, Banjo, Drip, Jingle

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Mission Disclaimer Count Off Warmorama

More warm up to the tune of 'You Dropped a Bomb On Me' by the Gap Band.

3 min AMRAP: 6 burpees 9 reverse lunge 12 big boys Repeat until 3 min up then rest 1 min before next round x5 rounds

mosey to wall for jack webb 1 merkin/2 box jumps up to 10/20

COT: YHC encouraged the PAX to listen to the F3 podcast who had Bing on as a guest. Prayers for Red Baron health. Praises for Busted Grills leadership and prayers for many more years of invigorating men. Prayers for 2.0's on the way. Praises for a great morning in the gloom. It's a pleasure and honor to lead. AG out!!

Total count: 4

PAX: WNBA, King Tut, Clean Cut

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Warmarama SSH Hillbillies Monkey Humpers

Mosey up to stone street. Sprint up street, 5 burpees at top of street, slow mosey back down, 10 big boys at bottom. 5x.

Mosey back to AO. Dora - Partner lunges from gazebo down one of the dock ramps and moseys back 100 Merkins 200 Squat Jumps 300 SC Flutter Kicks

Hopped in water and tread for 8 minutes.

10 minute AMRAP 16 Bulgarian Split Squats (8 per leg, one foot up on bench) 14 merkins 12 warrior sit-ups

Swim from dock to dock while partner does heels to heaven. Repeat another time while partner does slow Freddie mercuries.

Finished with some stretching.

COT - Prayers for Clean Cut’s mother’s recovery from knee replacement surgery. Prayers for those battling cancer and COVID.

Nice coffeteria at the Workshop for the cherry on top. Enjoyed it fellas!

Total count: 22

PAX: Whirligig, Wicked, Tiny Dancer, THE HOFF, Kramer, Steak Knives, Sunrise, Snooki, SOL, Pixel Pusher, Goat, niles, Chuckles, Milton, Dixie Chick, NAPA

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Sleeper, Quinn, Dorian, Leroy Brown, Rago

Mission statement and warmup: toy soldiers, modified gravel pickers, jog in place with called out merkins, moroccan nightclubs, x-country skis The thang: grinders between the 2 shelters: dips, incline merkins, step ups and crunchy frogs. Mosey various ways to the pull-up bars for 2-4-6-4-2 pyramids of pull-ups, toes to the bar and dips. Mosey back to AO for a short Mary ending in 10 jump ups. Namerama COT: Thanks to all the PAX who have helped to keep me younger and motivated. F3 is awesome. The video you are about to see was filmed by me with numerous directors and technical advisors. Closing ball of man and prayer. Thanks for the opportunity, Today could have been, but was not that oft mentioned someday!

Total count: 7

PAX: Steak Knives, Whirligig, Raygo, Tiny Dancer, Milton, Leroy Brown

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Whoever said 7 is a great number was lying, especially for a team competition. It was 4 Non-Blondes vs. Steak Knives and his Grandpas in the inaugural Fuel Depot Summer Olympics. All drug tests came back negative, although Raygo had elevated hormone levels, something about some tainted meat he ate.


Seal Clap x 20 IC Gravel Pickers x 10 IC Imperial Walker x 15 IC

The Thang

2 minute PT test of Big Boy sit-ups

Let the competition begin!!!!!!

4 Non-Blondes

Dixie Chick Tiny Dancer Raygo Whirligig

Steak Knives and his Grandpas

Steak Knives Milton Leroy Brown

1st Event- Synchronized pickle pumpers, just kidding. Sandbag Team Toss

Each pax took turns throwing a sandbag until they completed a lap around the empty pond. Steak and the Grandpas took the win. *The Blondes were seen drinking an unmarked bottle of purple fluid after the loss.

2nd Event - Sandbag Mule Relay

We moseyed to the tennis courts where each Pax took turns carrying 2 sixty-pound sandbags around the tennis courts.
The other Pax cheered and did Burpees while waiting.

This one was a gasser and I'm sure 10 Count would have been proud. The Blondes took home the win to tie things up. The purple hydration seemed to be working for the Blondes as they started doing overhead presses with 60-pound sandbags in each hand to celebrate.

3rd Event - Diamond Merkin Race

We moseyed to the baseball field where each Pax ran around the bases with a sandbag. At each base, they did ascending merkins of 5,10,15, and 20. The other Pax performed prisoner squats while waiting.

The Blondes wrapped up the comeback victory by winning the event. Steak and the Grandpas filed a protest but I doubt it will go anywhere. The bottle of purple fluid was never found.


We all made our way to the OGAO where we celebrated another birthday with Busted Grill as he showed off his six-pack and took Polaroids of all 21 Pax. Prayers to Steak Knives' friend battling cancer. Life is precious, we should appreciate every day we have.

Steak Knives - I really feel the cotton shirt slowed you down today Milton - Let's get that coffee soon, please reach out soon Whirligig - You were on fire today Raygo - I can't imagine you with a full head of blonde hair Tiny Dancer - Events like this are great for your business, you're welcome! Leroy Brown - Did you really have surgery a few months ago? Strong work today! Cane Pole - I guess we'll never know if you won. I hope the Turkish back rub was worth it.

That wraps it up. Thanks for the inspiration you all provide every week. And remember, it's not cheating if you don't get caught.

Love to leed! DC

Total count: 8

PAX: 10 count, blood donor, Cabana Boy, EOM, Bing, Pumpkin Pie Chart

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Sherman


SSH imperial walkers Mountain climbers Washing machines Raggedy Andys Big Arm Circles

Main Thang:

4 corners LABS

LBCs American hammers Big Boy Sit-ups Superman’s

10,20,30 round

Ended the WO with a team relay race


Cabana’s FIL , Dave, who starts chemo

Siege’s mom who is battling COVID

10-C 2.0 who continues to experience stomach issues.

Total count: 4

PAX: Nozzle, HumpDay

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Sunny

Warmorama -Routine Stretches

Then got to Work:

  • Mosey to the hill
  • 7 Hill Sprints
  • Ran back to AO -Roxanne: Curb steps mixed with Burpees and       Merkins. = Good Times

COT Don’t take these days for granted boys.  The days that we can run hard are limited……Time is limited.  Pray for those who need strength to fight through the challenges they face. Pray for peace, comfort, and grace as they navigate through their challenges.

Total count: 12

PAX: Allman Joy, Southie, Flock Diesel, Banjo, Jingle, Gasket, Buckeye, Snooki, Bait and Switch, Dogwood, NAPA

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Got in little over 4 miles this AM on a downtown mosey.

NAPA was trying to get 5 miles so he was taking every  turn and running ahead of us and then behind us. Always had to keep head on a swivel. ????

Fun route and run this morning to run through downtown and have mumblechatter with PAX. Tclaps to Banjo with the running through the Mamba challenge this week. ????????

Strong work Fellas ????

Total count: 6

PAX: Goat, GTA, Pledge, Under Siege, Kopi Luwak

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

EC: Me for mule mile with 125lbs in 20 minutes then dropped sandbag and got another mile with 60. 45 minutes total.


  1. Goofballs/maniacs/shark claps
  2. Pebble pickers
  3. Trunk twists
  4. Raggedy Ann’s

Thang 1: Return of Sisyphus -partner up and each get a rock and run to set point. One stays there doing exercise while other goes to get another rock . Keep going until you collect 10. Then move to next spot and do it again. Three trips of nonsense -exercises: curls, chest press, wonder bras

-dueling banjos with curl press then some core work to close out

Habitat for Humanity: -usually the 3rd Saturday of each month 7:45am until 2:00pm. -Next on 8/20 -Location/Plan: TBA

Coffeteria: Wednesday right after Stingray and Friday at Doughnut Inn with OTE

Tobytalk: -Thursday at 6:30pm -A chance to unburden your soul and grow with your brothers. -Location this week: Waterline Brewery 721 Surry Rd. Smash N Dash food truck will be there.

Prayers: PPC’s puppy, Under Sieges Mom, me and the M.

Reminder: if your going to be dumb… tough!

Total count: 12

PAX: niles, THE HOFF, Tom Sawyer, Sparky, Gingeroo, Bing, It Wasnt Me, letc, Leroy Brown, Mr.Incredible, Chinese Downhill

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Strong warrior flow this morning, focus on connection between breathing and movements.

grateful to lead such a crew! Namaste thanks to LETC for the BOM signoff F2 at Sunday's coffee afterward

Total count: 15

PAX: Kix, Trump, Soft Pitch, hoveround, Sleeper, Quinn, Chuckles, Squeegee, Goober, Pixel Pusher, Pony Express, Kramer, Garth, Whirligig

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Toy Soldiers IC x 10 Gravel Pickers IC x 10 SSH IC x 20

Mosey to Empie to see our brothers at Breakpoint to touch fingers with Gump and mumblechat for a minute then head back to the AO.

Arrive promptly back at the AO right at 6:15 am. Got right at 4 miles in roundtrip.

Some Pax decided to take advantage of the slower pace and stop off at the port-a-potty on the way back.

A few praised the ≈ 10 min pace YHC was running at and said they enjoyed it more than the 6-7 minute pace of normal run days.


Hoveround encouraged us to go to the YMCA triathlon next month.

Soft Pitch did an amazing job taking us out in prayer.

Reach out any PAX you haven't seen in the gloom recently and encourage them to get back out there.

Get on the Q Calendar!!

WNBA out

Total count: 10

PAX: Hoosier Daddy, Goldilocks, Redline, hooch, Brick City, prospect, Minnetonka

FNGs: None

Other PAX: Mario, Pricess Peach

Matt Foley was otherwise detained so the eager pax of Affordable Thursday put up with YHC as a temporary fill in. We did lots of stuff that I can't exactly remember right now. I do recall that Brick City is raising quite the little girl, Princess Peach made it look easy out there! Strong work by all and as always a pleasure to lead!

Total count: 3

PAX: Whirligig, WatchDog

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

3 Strong

Warm up -side straddle hop -arm circles -mosey to picnic tables

Exercise -55 merkins -55 dry docks -150 pull ups -100 dips -100 inclined merkins -mosey back to AO

Cool down -20 LBC’s -15 flutter kicks -10 crunchy frogs

Total count: 5

PAX: Jingle, Banjo, Sugar Rush, Doubtfire

FNGs: None

Other PAX: None

Conditions 78 degrees Clear skies 100% humidity

Banjo, sugar rush and YHC for an EC 5k mosey and a PR time for YHC. Huge mistake!

Warmorama SSH IC 10 Mamba night clubs IC 10

The thang Prior IPC but modified and added a coupon to make it mamba block party compliant.

50 squats with a cindy 40 big bois no cindy 30 derkins with feet on cindy 20 curls for the girls 10 blockees

400 m run

Attempt 4 rounds for time.

YHC, sugar rush and doubtfire completed 3 rounds all while fighting the urge to splash Merlot.

Banjo completed 4 rounds like a freaking stud.

Jingle picked up the 6 to help banjo finish and completed a 5th round. An absolute beast.

Cot Praise for doubtfire’s new job and answered prayer. Banjo has handedly defeated the Wednesday mamba block party boss. His strategy? Wear the Q out with a little “fellowship pace” mosey EC. Strong work banjo.